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Many major illegal drugs today, like cocaine and opium, were once used as legal, over-the-counter medicine. When the harmful truth of the effects of these drugs became evident, they became illegal. Is raw chocolate, also known as cacao, next to be banned?


29 thoughts on “Raw Chocolate – The Toxic Truth about Raw Cacao

  1. I wouldn’t consider cacao a health food that should be consumed every day. But it DOES have several beneficial properties. Just like the coca leaf has excellent nutritional properties to it (where cocaine has none).
    I agree that it’s sad that raw cacao is being promoted the way it is, but lets be realistic about it. It’s not all black and white.

  2. @quasim0do I did a 1 1/2 hour video on this you can see at The raw life health show. The beans have very little to no beneficial properties. The beneficial properties are in the fruit. Please see the video before replying. The website youtube doesn’t allow me to give but it’s at the end of the video and in the post of the video

    • How do you know you would’ve ended up with cancer? I can only think of one sure way that would guarantee such a diagnosis… and that would be if I hugged a lump of pure uranium-235 like it was a hot water bottle

  3. yeah people say its BAD that word is misleading if this cacao is used for what it was intended for …But i see how it can be bad for you if you use it in other was like a candy or shakes or just for every day use.Everything has its place for healing and use we should never abuse these laws.So cacao is Good for what it was made for.

  4. interesting. Paul is this different that what carob comes from? Im assuming so. I eat carob food every once again because its a healthy alternative to chocolate (at least i think it is)

    Is it just the cacao or is the harm in other chocolate relatives?

  5. Dude, you shouldn’t be so objective on cacao. I have ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis & I drink cacao, quality coffee, chocolate stouts, chocolate porters smoke organic tobacco, eat habaneros, jalapenos, cayenne, eat meat, gluten, & my knees & spine have actually gotten better since I stopped listening to self-righteous vegans when it comes to diet. I also have white teeth & have never had a cavity. I believe in God too plus raise my daughter & do 30 pushups, longboard & play guitar.

  6. yeah man right,
    i am always peaceful and energetic everyday,i am 21 now
    i had stopped eating chocolate since 14,
    and i am in doing research how different food effects on your body and mind
    yesterday freind give me chocolate
    and i have eaten
    after two hours of eating i feeling destructive,
    i have got feeling to go out and destroy something,to kill some people,
    i can see those angressivness in my eyes,
    not eat cocoa at all
    eat good food

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