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We are back at The Raw Star Cafe and the chef shows us how to make a delicious raw blueberry mango pie. Simple, easy and fun, everyone should try this recipe.
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20 thoughts on “Raw Food Blueberry Mango Pie

  1. God did not put homogenized milk or milk chocolate here unless I missed it. Man put those weird perversions of “food” here! Hey man! i used to eat that stuff too- enjoyed it as well. But I like the food I eat now a WHOLE lot better and I feel a lot better by FAR. ’nuff said. Good luck and God bless!

  2. I tried the 80/10/10 for 2 weeks. It made me feel… hmmm… like I was floating? I felt really clean and mellow. But boy oh boy I had to eat soooo much food (volume wise). I was chewing all day my jaw would hurt!! Unfortunately it’s just too much work for me.. I work 10~12 hours a day and I don’t have time to eat, poop, and carry around all that food with me. I need to find a better job lol.

  3. 2000 years ago we were prisoners of language as we are today. Can you prove that the word “meat” meant animal flesh? The aramic word for food was “meat”. Nonetheless, even if that is what God meant, we know both by history, science and our own experience that animal products more than 3% of the diet cause dire circumstances. The average person eats 20%, and many eat 25-40% or even more.

  4. … Let me at least say this— Even Jesus said that Gospel is just words- how you live your life every day is what matters- how you treat people and living things. Do you REALLY insist that today,knowing what we do, that we should still kill and eat animals for .. “nutrition’ You have got to be kidding. I am just hopeful that your violence dies not extend to people as it does to your animals. There is no need in human nutrition for animal flesh or milk.

  5. Nakutao is a fool. If Science shows our brain is mostly made of fat, well then Nak’s has gone rancid from all the consumption if dead animal flesh! If being vegan is a trend then eating animals is an even bigger one. We were vegetarians long before we ate animals. Lose the ‘ego’ dude, you may just have pure thought.

  6. Oh I see someone wants to play bible quotes. Very well then, Genesis 1:29- flesh food weakens the moral will power, weakens the clarity of mind and intellict for understanding God’s messages to us, dulls the sobtle senses of spiritual receptivity to the light and grace of God, and strengthens the anamal tendencies, allowing them dominance over our mental and spiritual powers.

  7. true ‘food combining’ is important, import. for people who eat cooked food! live foods contain it’s own enzymes to break it down, nuts are a little harder because of the enzyme inhibitors so just soak them to deactivate this. sugars will fermant if they sit in your gut waiting for the nuts to digest . but if nothings cooked, roasted or prossesed then for a raw foodie, no problem, my friend! 🙂

  8. That coconut was beautiful! Loooooove coconut! I also love mangoes and blueberries. And nuts.

    I am not a fan of dates. Does it just take a lot of time to get used to the flavor. Is there a good alternative with a lighter flavor? Maybe some other dehydrated fruit?

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