No matter how much healthy food you consume, if what I talk about in this video is not addressed your health is doomed.

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24 thoughts on “Raw Food Is Useless Without This

  1. Without repentance and forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ, and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit we will never be healthy.

    I realized this is why many raw food eaters look sick and especially as they age, the demonic influence in our lifetime will manifest as degeneration. That’s why the Holy Spirit washes, renews, and regenerates us.

    The raw foods are light foods, but we know from Daniel we have to live holy and have the holy spirit it to be healthy.

    • All the great men of God in the bible were accounted worthy by their faith, by believing. Satan is the deceiver that lies and and seduces your mind into self-help, believe in your own abilities, and own strength delusions. That is false and has no power, you stay in the fear based repeat pride-insecurity system.

      Jesus is the way out of the flesh mind matrix, the way to freedom, and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit is life.

      We praise God in good times and bad times, living in truth is living according to his will. The hard times are often trials of faith to refine you like fine gold, so they are a blessing that leads to exceeding rewards.

    • +Matthew Lahman What possible evidence do you have for this statement that the Holy Spirit washes renews and regenerates? If such a thing where true I’d support it. However I have tried the Christian faith with very serious intentions to follow and become “saved” and found it in reality to be a concept. It is a concept along with any other that cannot be substantiated even amoung the “believers” who argue over the concept. I know lots of Christains who support the horrors of modern factory farming with no concerns about how it effects our planet, humanity or themselves yet talk about mercy and forgiveness as if they know what they are talking about. Humans are primates with a violent past and present and yet we seem to be evolving into compassionate beings with greater awareness than ever. That is, if we can survive long enough. Religion however causes authoritative control, division of peoples, fights and war as history and the hot spots like the Middle East and just about everywhere else proves because its an intangible non supportable concept based on heresay and conjecture. This raw food idea is really great and for most quite a challange but I’m sure if we mix in mercy forgiveness and peace we could change the world. Just like controling our diet, controlling emotions starts and ends with ourselves.

  2. I completely agree with your message.  As time goes by, I find myself moving away from those who have those draining negative attitudes, and am happier for it.  Thank you!

  3. You are so right Paul, I think stress and an unhealthy diet contributes even more to illnesses, I have pcos and I find if I don’t eat right it impacts me massively exercise is also so important, as Matthew said below to be filled with the holy spirit is the most important aspect for our health and without Jesus we are nothing. Thanks for another great video I find your videos so encouraging and informative.

  4. Attitude is altitude, as the mind goes…so goes the body. “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”
    ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭18:21‬ ‭

  5. I love fruit including avocados and coconuts. Thou I’m more into savory taste. Is too much sweet fruit bad for health, longevity and skin aging? Thanks.

  6. I am days into my raw food life…And have just subscribed to your channel as it seems a lot more conducive to my thinking and a lot more realistic…I’m a little frightened as I live in England and it is coming up to winter…Any suggestions on how to make it through also thinking of the daylight hours?? BTW loved the music at the end of the video, did you compose it ?

  7. I like your approach to this lifestyle and important to the whole picture. I notice some talking about Christianity here and glad you are not. That faith may bring peace of mind to some but it also creates division with the concept of sin and damnation to the majority and has no foundation in reality. But we do know about our emotions and learning to control them as well as our health makes sense, so thanks for bringing it up.

  8. Hello, nice channel. I just wanted to say that you might be wrong why Steve Jobs put an apple on the computer logo. It represents the fall of man. The original logo is different than the one they use today. And apparently the first apple computer was priced at 666,6 dollars. There are pictures on internet and videos that show this.

    Best health to you. Thanks.

  9. Hi Paul! I just came across your channel,plz.can u give me your email.i have lots of health issues ,fed up with doctors.i want to follow your raw diet,plz. help me!

  10. May I humbly suggest that your ” music” into is, in my opinion too aggressive and annoying. Some people have to
    adjust the volume and the blast at the very start hits before they can adjust the volume.

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