Raw Food Recipe Carob Bark

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16 thoughts on “Raw Food Recipe Carob Bark

  1. I have cacao, raw cacao powder is vitamin rich, I love making cacao chocolates with it. My mother used to buy carob from the local people food co op. Have not had it in yrs tho. That co op had the absolute best carrot cake I have ever had in my life.

    • paul I don’t think the greater exodus is biblical cause they say there will be pillars of fire from God guiding the believers but how do we not know if its just the anti christ Yahweh word talks about him bring fire from the sky to decieve people any ways watch old paths baptist ministries mn they probably don’t follow the old testament law but they are filled with the Holy Ghost of Yeshua bold about the Faith they have great messages preaching and great street preaching also watch christian persecution on the rise in north america another bold man of the faith

  2. This doesn’t have to do with this video but what do you use for making your vegetable soups? I’ve always used a couple of tablespoons of Miso Paste but I know that’s not raw…. Suggestions?

  3. what do you think about soaking the coconut shreds and hemp seed beforehand? coconut shreds can be chewy and seeds aren’t exactly chewable and get stuck in your teeth. what about grinding them beforehand? would that change the makeup of the bark in a bad way?

  4. I have a local grocers who specializes in unique ingredients and I purchase from him dried carob pods we eat just like that as a snack. The seads are shiny looking little beads very hard I am sure you can make a necklace from them. Chewy and delicious. Just ran out, off to get some tomorrow in powder form as well.

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