Here is my favorite raw food dessert from Jackie Graff of Raw Food Revival
Go to their site and check out their raw food certified raw food chef training classes.

Serves 12


2 cups Brazil nuts, soaked for 12 hours, drained and dehydrated for 12 hours
1/2 teaspoon salt
8 medjool dates pitted
1 teaspoon vanilla powder

1. Place all ingredients in a food processor and process well into crumbles.
2. Cover bottom of a 9×12 pam with 1/2 crust

1 cup macadamia nuts soaked for 8 hours
12-15 large medjool dates pitted soaked in the 1 cup filtered water for 2 hours
2 inches vanilla bean
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
12 bananas ( sliced and 6 for pudding)

1. Place whole bananas and macadamias in blender and blend until smooth
2. Add dates, vanilla, and salt to blender and blend until smooth.

1. Cover bottom of the pan with 1/3 of crust
2. Place 3 sliced bananas on top of the crust
4. Cover the pudding with the other 1/3 of crust
5. Place 3 sliced bananas on top of the crust
6. Layer the rest of the pudding mixture on top
7. Top with the remaining 1/3 of crust

Shelf Life: 2 days, if it lasts that long.


11 thoughts on “Raw Food Recipe Raw Banana Pudding Cobbler

  1. Wow! What an excellent dessert!! So delicious and so easy to make! Thank you so much – as usual Paul — you have brought us another good one! Wishing you, your wife and children much joy!

  2. Glad to see you are still using fresh raw food. That Dan McDonald, the LifeGenerator, has started mixing store bought tablets with water in fruit jars. Go figure…….

  3. Here is the link below Miss Nattyhead.
    Please explain where those products came from. Did they come from a tree, from a garden, from a local organic farm?

    Oh, Miss Natty, before you start defending Dan the Man, maybe you could explain why a grown man would pour water from a 5 Gallon Container into a quart fruit jar? Is this ‘seriously’ someone you want to be taking health advice from?

  4. would the dessert turn a bit brown due to the oxidation of the bananas? I want to make this for my coworkers but I have to make it the night before. 

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