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A few weeks ago I posted a video about my friends living in a tent. Well did you know sleeping outside is very healthy? It is so good that I now sleep in a tent every night. Hear why it's so good in this video.

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19 thoughts on “Raw Food Tent Living- Why I sleep in a tent and love it.

  1. my husband and I own two homes, they’re paid for and we are going to rent them out and live in a arctic oven tent and travel around. I can’t wait!

  2. An idea I am looking at is using tenting to avoid a mortgage or rent. My family owns a lot of property in the upper peninsula of Michigan so there is a lot of places I could stay. I was already planning on doing stuff like homesteading but I’m now looking to find a way to create a large tent that can not only handle sleeping needs but food needs and shower needs as well.

  3. No I don’t any more at home. Only when camping. If I had a big yard I would but I have a small yard and there is way too much noise around.

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