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Raw Food Teacher Dan McDonald was extremely thin when he first starting eating a raw food diet. In this video he talks about his weight loss and what he did about it.

Many years later, Dan now has become one of the most popular raw food health teachers. He explains his mission to help others from what he learned in this video;

You can see his website at;


10 thoughts on “Raw Food Transformation by Dan “The Man” McDonald

  1. This is another example where I have heard.. when someone is solving a problem they realize/ discover and say – it is about EDUCATING. So if i may continue.. Problems and Learning DO NOT coexist. So what is being Learned? It is 4 things – all necessary to Learn.. READING . LISTENING (thank you for this video.. HANDS-ON… QUESTION/FEEDBACK.. any order – does not matter what first. Learning/ Teaching is the only way I know to PEACE. <3

  2. 1:16ish – Before now I did not think of being oversized as just being puffy and not “Quality tissue”. I’m not mocking, Thanks – It’s been educational.

    BTW, For anyone who doesn’t know and didn’t click the video link at the end Dan has his own Youtube channel; It’s Liferegenerator, Or at least it was a few seconds before I posted this comment.

  3. Hello Dan, I am able to test all kinds of green diet green wheatgrass juice vegetables and fruits…to heal my chronic gastritis, I have always been thin my weight 53 kilos..and my height 1.59 but I fear if I losing more kilos..I want to live a healthy lifestyle…but I have a problem I can not leave my cup of coffee every morning I just take a cup of coffee a day no more,,Its that wrong..? only a small cup of coffee..:) ?? God Bless you…a Big Hug from Norway…

  4. Dan, your too skinny!  I like a man with meat on his body, you should have a steak, and please keep your shirt on while your filming , its not appealing

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