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17 thoughts on “Raw Vegan bumblebee parfat

  1. My wife & I have been juicing for yrs.NOT with a Blender Quote We use a juicer ONLY! & is 100%better then smoothing. No Pulp in our diet = No excess weight factors!! Plus we use only organic veggies& anything else.= No GMO’s thanks anyways!

    • A friendly “Hello” from Ohio…”No excess weight factors”… ??? I’m so curious about your reluctance to consume pulp since it’s so nutritious???

  2. Hello brother, I am one of your followers since maybe 2013, but one thing is not going right with your hair, you have to look into it! I know you live a life of healthy foods but my concerned heart based on Natural Hygiene see that something is not going right. Some times it’s not about food at all, maybe it is in another area of life, we as christians should lead in every way possible. Many Blessings Brother and loved so much the dessert pity we do not have black sapotie here but we do have persimmons lets do with persimmons!!!

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