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15 thoughts on “Raw Vegan Energy

  1. Love these videos! Helps keep me motivated to stay on this path. I really notice it’s about eating less bulk which means being creative living on raw plant foods .

  2. Great video!!! Keep these videos coming!!! Living food makes living bodies and dead food makes dead bodies!! I have been really digging the wheatgrass juice lately, and am up to about ten ounces a day. I can’t grow it fast enough …..the energy is so astounding I have not been juicing and I was doing one to two green juices a day. I have always started on it but then I stop for some reason or another, I have decided to do it long term to see the effects and document it on my channel

  3. Do you weigh your food? How many calories per day? Thanks. I am eating raw vegan, around 1700 cals, not int fasting now, but was before.

  4. PAUL, I Love your enthusiasm! I’m looking into buying your book. I have a question for you. What is your height, weight and how many grams of protein would you guess you eat a day?

  5. It’s also worth mentioning that your Huge Beard contributes to your Energy and Awareness as well. All those Hairs conducting energy for your Mind and Body🤟🏼

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