Two veteran raw vegan runners Alan Murray and Janette Murray-Wakelin recently broke a world record. They are 100% raw vegan. Check out the video and see what they did. Truly amazing!

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12 thoughts on “Raw Vegans Break World Record

    • +Red Passion
      [Most people I know that are unhealthy are meat eaters.]

      Since most people consume some meat, it stands to reason that most unhealthy people you know are meat eaters — many on the SAD of processed junk food. 

      The comparison should be between vegans who presumably eat healthy and meat eaters who eat healthy.

      Which brings me to the 60,000 centenarians. Where are all the vegans?

    • Presumably? Meat is notnot needed for health.  This is a big myth.  What logic is it to eat an animal? None. But you need veggies and fruit and nuts to be healthy.  Logic again.  There are doctors who recommend veganism like Doctor McDougall.  There are vegans on youtube that show their medical exam and there number are great.  After eating meat, people feel tired.  I have more energy after I eat.  Vegan diet has cured many people after illness.  I have no menopause symptoms like many meat eaters.  For many people vegan diet is better,  My sisters are all on medication and over weight.  I do not need prescription drugs.

    • +danL1011 There are not many vegans because our society has not been inform about veganism.  We have been lied to about milk and meat.  There are many vegans you can research and see they are living without meds and have much energy.  Nothing you write will change my mind.  People just need an excuse to eat meat so they try to tear down veganism.  Vegans are not hurting anyone nor themselves.  So let it go.

    • +Red Passion I say presumably b/c it turns out vegans in the past haven’t done so well. I was just giving modern vegans like yourself the benefit of the doubt.

      [There are not many vegans because our society has not been inform about veganism.]

      Actually, veganism has been around for a while.  The only problem is that they all end up mal-nourished and die young.  That’s why there aren’t many of them around.  😛

      You don’t have to take my word for it.  Just ask the folks at Arnold Ehret Health Club.

      It pays to study history.  Just saying.

      [Nothing you write will change my mind.]

      That’s fine.  Religious vegans will do what they must do — however detrimental to their health it might be.  Perhaps vegans from the past will enlighten you.  To your health.

  1. You’re my ideal couple. You have reversed major disease and unhealthy lifestyle to become elite athletes with a raw lifestyle. The best thing for a couple is to be raw. They will be happy, healthy and together forever. All the best to bring your raw message to the world!

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