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Raw Vegans Going Back To Eating Meat

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15 thoughts on “Raw Vegans Going Back To Eating Meat

  1. Former vegan here… Still trying things for my health. I could literally stop my one/issue with eating only red meat and indeed sugar seem to be one of my issues which is very hard to avoid.

    • I find sugar really easy to avoid. You sure? And I’m finding it hard to believe that not eating veg of fruit is going to help you if that’s what you mean by red meat only…. where did you get that idea?

    • Why would you want to avoid sugar? It’s the most important nutrient for human well-being. Eliminate all overt fats and experience the best health ever.

    • +Yashua bar Yosef Well, the body makes the sugar it needs and it can regulate it for itself. In any case if I only eat red meat I can pretty much stop my terrible itching which iv had for years and years, but I’m trying different things at the moment, at least I know if I eat Cow or Sheep meat only it will stop it. Sadly it seemed I got another problem by eating only meat so… But anyway… Trying to figure things out, and keeping to low sugar stuff as to not stir things up to much.
      Trying to find a balance and safe foods for me…

  2. I think everyone has to do what works for them vegan or not. If you feel great adding animal products and you feel better and that “stimulation” never goes away I say it’s not just stimulation.

    • Going by feeling good with the food doesn’t make any sense because that’s almost like saying I feel great eating comfort food or potato chips and cookies so I should just keep on eating that because it feels good? No! that stuff is horrible for you just like meat

    • Most people know the difference with how they feel eating junk vs healthy. It’s obvious junk is junk we all know, it might taste good but then the consequences. Eating nourishing foods is such a great feeling that makes you feel great.

  3. paul, just yesterday i saw a video on yt from an MD doctor and he said, and i totally trust this guy, that eggs are very bad to eat and he explained why and i was blown away, ha, as i have about 6 eggs left in my fridge, from a farm house yonder which made me think i am doing myself right, so now, as of yesterday, these 6 eggs will go outside to the 11 giant racoons that are outside every day at my farm house, i am telling you, i was shocked at what this doctor said about eggs and it made total sense, so, i can find his video on youtube again to get his name as i am not able at this time to forward videos from youtube cause i don’t know how cause youtube took away a tab at the bottom of every video that said “email”, the bastards, cause it used to be there, ha, i bet when they sold out to google noodle that goodle took that option away, so let me know if you want to find this doctor and i will get you his name, but watch, if you watch the video you could send a link to me and then i will have it and be able to send his video to friends, thanks paul…..and now, back to your show…!

  4. Who cares. Meat is good, don’t care what animal it is. You are convinced that meat and cooked foods are completely bad. Wrong. Also the beard is so unnecessary. Trim it short. Not clean shaven, just short. Way better to take care of. Vegans are not any more healthy than a non vegan. Show proof. You can’t, Why? Cause you know its true.

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