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This week's featured guest is Ray Kent. Ray has been eating a raw food and helping people with Fasting for over 50 years. He is an incredible man. I'm so happy I got to interview him for everyone. This is an 11 minute clip from a longer 1 hour interview I did with Mr. Kent. You can see the full-length 1 hour interview with Ray at

Check out Ray's website to see more of Ray's writings.

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8 thoughts on “Ray Kent, Fasting for 50 Years

  1. Kent doesn’t need to drink much water because of his adequate liquid intake via a generous fruitarian diet. The water craze the last decade is a bit much. I do not believe We are not chronically dehydrated. A quart water mornings on rising with or without an ounce lemon juice plus the liquids of and from fruits and vegetables, herb teas, etc. the rest of the day is sufficient.

  2. If you sit around the house all day doing nothing, I am sure a bit with some fruit MIGHT be sufficient. MIGHT BE.

    If you actually walk, play sports, go to school, work outside, etc and you don’t drink water, you WILL get dehydrated and become sick. You can’t eat enough watery fruit to replenish the liquid evaporated or sweated out.

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