The book of 1 Samuel explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the book of 1 Samuel.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


30 thoughts on “Read Scripture: 1 Samuel

  1. Thank you very much… A small request from my side is that I really like the parables that Jesus teach so if possible do make some video of it. There are some of excellent parables, like in John 10; I like that one. On the plus side people will know more about Jesus teaching.

  2. you guys are doing an awesome job! thank you so much for this! you are helping me understand so much more and having fun reading the bible! Jesus Rocks! be blessed!

  3. Notice how Israel’s downfall occurred the same day some fool decided to say: “Let’s have a king like the other nations do and have him lead us”, this was basically the same as saying: “God we don’t need you anymore, go away”. When you choose human leadership over God’s leadership this is what happens. Ever since then the Israelites couldn’t get on their feet.

  4. 23. 1 Samuel 1:11
    11 Entonces hizo este voto: «Señor Todopoderoso, si te dignas mirar la desdicha de esta sierva tuya, y si en vez de olvidarme te acuerdas de mí y me concedes un hijo varón, yo te lo entregaré para toda su vida, y nunca se le cortará el cabello».

    La mama de Samuel, pudo haber aceptado la situacion dificil que ella estaba pasando. Cuando estamos sinedo avergonzados, es cunado tenemos que levantarnos y tomar actitud contra la situacion. Es solo cuando actuamos que Dios mira nuestra indignacion y la situacion es transformada.

  5. It’s really troubling me how each of the main characters in this book: Eli, Samuel, Saul and David; are decent people but ultimately fail as fathers. Eli’s sons are wicked, Samuel’s sons don’t “walk in his ways,” I guess Saul’s son Johnathon turned out okay but Saul tried to impale him, and David’s sons rebel against him (the sword shall never depart from your house). Any thoughts on this theme of failed fatherhood in these books? It seems pretty significant.

  6. I like how you guys skipped over the part where god asked Saul to commit genocide and Saul refused (the command that Saul disobeyed that disqualified him from being king). Great videos, but I wish you guys either criticized the stories a bit more or acknowledged the atrocities that god is asking his people to commit.

  7. Thanks for these 1&2 Samuel overviews. We’re teaching our wee ones in Sunday School about Saul and David over the next few weeks, and this will be helpful for the teachers.

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