The Book of 1 Timothy explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought through the Book of 1 Timothy.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


24 thoughts on “Read Scripture: 1 Timothy

    • Jamie Bob Right. It’s even worse. So many focus too much on the differences in ideas and claim the way things were before are no longer useful and the fact is we need to agree on Jesus and together try to get to the same points he and the Apostles and Paul make as the Prophets did before them. The slavery bits and role of women is so easy to see because even God used women and slaves in Old Testament times to his will. In Jesus eyes we are all equal, but must respect order and such because when authority is evil and anti-Christ, it is God who will free us of that and offer a new opportunity, but I imagine that the Christian masters were kind and loving to their servants and slaves like family.

  1. I like this series a lot. While I am not an Evangelical myself, seeing an Evangelical understanding of Scripture which is not bound by insane ideas (e.g. Revelation is about the Rapture) is great!

    This video seems to buck the trend though. 1 Timothy’s not written by Paul the Apostle. There’s plenty of arguments to demonstrate this, including his totally new set of vocabulary and abandoning his previous definitions of righteousness and faith. More to the point, however, is that the context (Gnostic teachers, a bishop-based hierarchy) started at least 40 years after Paul’s death.

    On 1 Tim 2, in regards to women, it should be noted (as it is footnoted in most contemporary English translations) that the language for woman/man is the same as wife/husband. (Technically, in most cases the Greek will use a possessive pronoun to imply such a relationship, but not always.) Much of the Christian world, as a result, reads this with a 4th possibility… that those wives ought not tell their particular husbands what to do.

    Ironically, it’s the more progressive mainline traditions who attempt to synchronize 1 Timothy with the rest of Paul in this way (cf. 1 Cor 7). At the same time, conservative traditions who believe Paul wrote 1 Timothy interpret it such that Paul contradicts himself. Not that they’d be quick to admit that. You have to read this as universal and sweep Gal 3:28 under the rug to end up with a tradition with only male pastors, after all. We can admit that that was wrong, not after all this time.

    (This is not a unique irony, by the way. The practice of synchronizing various texts within Scripture and the strategy of ‘proof texting’ will invariably lead you to the practice of infant baptism. Yet the traditions which use those interpretative tools do not practice infant baptism, and those which do generally reject those interpretative tools. Just one of a few concrete examples in which the traditions jump through hoops to conclude with their preconceived beliefs.)

  2. Can you do a video on Women’s roles in the church. I’ve done a lot of research on it but it still leaves me asking questions some times. in this video you guys didn’t really take a stance on it but rather pointed out the different interpretations to choose from with no references to other parts of the bible so we could make an informed choice. I know these videos are supplements and not replacements for reading the bible, but at least a clear way of finding an answer would be nice rather than offering other’s interpretations and saying “Here, choose the one you like”

  3. @The Bible Project: May God Continue to bless you and your great work. I have one question. You mentioned the Sunday gathering in this video. Please put me in light, did the people of this age meet on Sundays or Sabbath which is Saturday? Was the day of gathering changed? If so in what book?

  4. I’m nearly 70 and this is about the best Sunday School I’ve ever attended. There is excellent clarification here without the danger of oversimplification or ignoring dogma. Major KUDOS!!!!!!

  5. I like watching your vids but every now and again you guys get something wrong. Deacons were not said to be both men and women but ONLY men. scripture is clear on that to the point where this isn’t even something that should ever be disputed. It’s a bit odd to see you say what you guys did about deacons shortly after saying what Paul said about women basically usurping a man’s authority in the church.

  6. I love this series and I highly commend yall for explaining controversial topics with clarity and without taking and defending one side. However, I was disappointed with how you handled women in ministry in this video. You claimed the women Paul was referring to in 1 Tim 2.12 we’re the ones teaching false doctrine, but that interpretation cannot be found in the text. That’s one egalitarian position on the passage and makes complementarians (like myself) feel misunderstood. If 1 Tim 2.12 read, “I do not permit women to teach false doctrine or to exercise authority over a man”, then I would have no problem with how you presented the issue. May God bless this ministry and continue using your talents to build his kingdom!

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