The first half of the Book of Acts Ch. 1-12 explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought through the first half of the Book of Acts Ch. 1-12.

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About the author:

Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


34 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Acts Ch. 1-12

  1. I love these videos so much. These videos have helped to teach me about the kingdom of God and his amazing love. Thank you so much!!!

    • Yea the bible project has a lot on their schedule right now

      15 videos + 3 theme videos in 3 months!
      Plus further videos after that too (but they get more leeway)

    • Jesus name has power in every language, weather you felt it or not. It’s the same person just pray with ALL of your heart and He will listen, May Jesus and His Heavenly Father bless you

    • +ja Lamoureux You missed my point bro/sister. It’s not about power?!? That’s ridiculous lol. I was just curious about Tim’s personal choice since he studied aramaic/hebrew. Like I said my name is Joe but I wouldn’t want people calling me Jose because that’s not the way my parents named me. Equally (just my opinion) I think Jesus would prefer to be called by the name The Father gave him. Especially if you consider that his name Joshua/Yehshua/Yahshua actually means “God is salvation” in aramaic/hebrew. I look at it like this, I know his real name was probably pronounced “Yah-shu-a” so why shouldn’t I address him as Yahshua? Again this is only about preference.

    • +ja Lamoureux lol oh don’t apologize it’s more than okay. Especially since your misunderstanding was done trying to glorify God <3 Like I said it's just about preference. God bless you!

  2. There’s a lot of good info here, but at times the narrator seems to be giving Luke praise for inventing such a great story, referring to this & that “allusion” to the OT. Luke was, of course, merely recording the incidents as they happened. GOD is the one who came up with this great story as he sovereignly put the right characters in the right places to fulfill all those OT types & shadows.

    • There’s nowhere in this video where the narrator says anything about Luke “inventing” stories. The entire video is about the work of Jesus Christ through His saints and Luke is only credited as the one who wrote down the stories, just like any other bible writer being inspired by God. 0.58

    • You misunderstood not only what I said, but also what the video said. I was talking about subtle nuances, not outright claims. “Seems to be.”

    • +itsnotaboutme I’m a follower of Christ and my response was a correction, not a rebuke. Please tell me how I misunderstood both you and the video like you just said.

    • For example, at 2:00, the video says Jesus’ ascension is “drawn” from Daniel, when in reality, Daniel’s writing is drawn from the event he was predicting.

  3. Great video and great illustrations. I really enjoyed it, particularly how you tied several things to the Old Testament. Great stuff! One bit of constructive criticism: Two things it’s lacking though – the role of the Holy Spirit in directing the mission of evangelism. One other thing it’s lacking, which is so key and apparent in the book of Acts: the immersions in water in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:37-41, Acts 8:12-13, Acts 8:36-39, Acts 9:18, Acts 10:47-48)

  4. Also, I have noticed a lot of request for foreign language translation on your videos 🙂 I think it would be a great idea if these videos were made available for those who can’t speak English. Kind regards

  5. One of the opening points used as proof for the “Acts of Jesus” interpretation is very weak. The narrator quotes, ” I wrote the former account, Theophilus, about all that Jesus began to do and teach”. But this point is only convincing because he leaves off the second half of the sentence, “until the day he was taken up to heaven, after he had given orders by the Holy Spirit to the apostles he had chosen.”

    In other words, Jesus’ teaching ministry had a beginning which Luke recorded, then it continued until he was taken into heaven. So to call Acts “The Acts of Jesus” is imposing an artificial framework based on a half-reading of a complete sentence. Luke himself doesn’t use this framework in his narrative at all. Yes, Jesus makes a couple appearances. But “God” and “the Spirit” do too. So, if you want to be literal, it’s the “Acts of the Father, Son, Spirit, and Apostles. Never is the primary emphasis on “what Jesus is doing”. There is no Scripture throughout the rest of Acts to support this.

    But at that point, you might as well just recognize that every book is, essentially, the Acts of those three persons of the trinity. What makes the book of Acts unique, then? Only Luke’s emphasis on the Spirit and the Apostles’ actions.

  6. Hi. I just want to know if you have any scripture or verses you can give about the temple being a place of generosity and of healing. Thanks. 🙂

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