The second half of the Book of Acts Ch. 13-28 explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought through the second half of the Book of Acts Ch. 13-28.

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About the author:

Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


28 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Acts Ch. 13-28

  1. I like the concept of the video, but I disagree with your interpretation of Acts 15. The point of the Council of Jerusalem wasn’t that new converts didn’t have to keep the Torah, it was to dispell the notion that one had to keep it to be saved. The Torah itself never had the ability to save anyone. Salvation has always been by faith alone. This does not mean we should forsake the Torah though. It is a list of decrees from God that defines what sin is. Even Paul said in v. 21 that the Law of Moses was preached in synagogues every Sabbath, to encourage them to attend and learn the Law over time, rather than all at once. The things he told them to abstain from were the very baseline and are not the only things that they had to do for the rest of their lives.

    • It wasn’t that they didn’t have to keep the Torah, it was specifically circumcision and kosher laws that certain Jews wanted to enforce on others *in order to be saved* , the conversation bubble in the drawing emphasizes this. I don’t think the kosher laws carry over to the NT as there are many verses that say we have the freedom to eat or not eat certain foods because foods or refraining from them do not make you unclean or clean. The uncleanness comes from the heart and that is where the focus is. If someone decides to keep the dietary laws, that’s fine, but at the time of the book of Acts, the gentiles were coming into the fold and the apostles were not enforcing circumcision or dietary laws on them. Paul says if they (the gentiles) came to faith as an uncircumcised believer, they should not become circumcised. God accepted Jew and Gentile regardless and we should not reduce the kingdom of God into a matter of food and drink but rather fruits of righteousness.

    • Joseph Rosa Eating dirty animals along with unnatural foods leads to sickness and cancer, as you can see in the U.S. thats why we must try to follow all the laws. if we choose some then eventually people will think being homosexual is ok. Oh thats right its already happening. see what happens because we started picking and choosing over time. smh. once we reach the point of no return. idk what will happen. but have faith. God and God only knows the day when he will completely erase death and evil.

    • Joseph Rosa i think what jesus meant was because you eat anythijg for example pig it doesnt not mean you will not be saved. it is by our actions like to sin that decide it? idk its really confusing. to be honest the safest thing we can do is just keep eating foods allowed in torah but even then some foods might be compromised since they dont raise animals like before. they force and inject them with unnatural things. i cant eat pigs because ive physically seen a pig eat another big and thats disgusting.

    • Kierra Yancey i can give u an example as to why i think god doesnt want us to eat certain animals and are considered dirty. shrimp are animals that actually eat the feces of other fishes but people dont know that. eating fecal matter is toxic and shouldnt not be consumed. shrimp meat is therefore toxic and hurts the body. (has been scientifically proven also). The saying you are what you eat is very true. whether or not eating them is sin, they Do cause sickeness to arise in the body. i dont think god would tell us to eat something that is physically poisoning us. I believe god made those animals that we are not allowed to eat to keep the oceans and land clean. they have very durable and physically different morphologies then other animals and are therefore able to digest all the nasty things on earth to keep the earth clean and safe or purify/recycle. Land animals that keep the land clean are dogs, pigs, wolfs, lions, hyenas ect. theyll eat other dead animals among other things. In freshwater there is alligators. catfish ect. birds also like crows or hawks ect. these are just few animals that clean the world. . all have been proven to be toxic to humans if consumed and are not allowed by torah. hope it helps you understand.

  2. @bibleproject will “The Holy Spirit” and “The People of God” videos be released at all? It seems they are a part of the reading plan and have yet to be released.

    • +The Bible Project Paul never disagree on kosher laws that ways for the part about circumcision a had nothing to do with Yahweh law on the foods we are supost to eat and not Yeshua did away wiyh sin not the law of God witch was Holy has nothing to do with being a pharisee cause they didn’t even follow all Yahweh commandments. and they where adding there on practically sinning but in a religious way

  3. Great stuff! One bit of constructive criticism: Two things it’s lacking though – the role of the Holy Spirit in directing the mission of evangelism. One other thing it’s lacking, which is so key and apparent in the book of Acts and this is another one of Luke’s themes: the immersions in water in the name of Jesus for the forgiveness of sins (Acts 16:15, Acts 16:33, Acts 18:8, Acts 19:5, Acts 22:16). The visual of that would have made the video even more powerful.

  4. Pray that your flight will not occur in the winter or on the Sabbath. (Matthew 24:20)
    Here is a call for the endurance of the saints who keepthe commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. (Rev 14:12)We are to keep the Ten commandments and have loyalty to Christ, the saturday (sabbath) is still part of God’s law, it was settled in the creation of the world.

  5. Wow!!!!!! Holy smokes!!!!! I can’t believe you guys did the book of Acts to beautifully explained!!!! I’m going to start reading Acts RIGHT NOW! Thank you God for the Bible Project! Bless them and let everything they touch multiply for your kingdom and your honor alone! In Jesus Name, Amen

  6. I would like to participate with @TheBibleProject in order to reach the Spanish speakers. Spanish is my 1st language and I would like to see this translated to Spanish too. 🙂 God bless

  7. Excellent. True, I dont agree with every nano point made, however, I do appreaciate the Metanarratives given here. One can tell- pretty soon- a PhD is doing this..and a PhD to another PhD: As one sees here: Education helps to explain the Scriptures..tremendously….Well done, I super enjoy your work.

  8. Hello Bible Project team,

    I am from India, I encourage you all for the efforts you have put upon to preach the gospel in a digital way! your explanations are very good! I request you all to do a video for the triunity of God and It will be an eye-opener for other religious people(especially for our Islam brothers and sisters). Keep Moving! LORD Jesus bless you

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