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The book of Amos explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the book of Amos.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


23 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Amos

    • johnkevin1104 Yep. Israel didn’t think they would ever be slaves again. Western Society doesn’t think we could ever be conquered by any other Society. Look what is happening now.

  1. Hey guys. You are truly God Send. I dont think you understand truly that God has given you power to do what you do and he will bless you in many folds. Thank you so much. You are awesome, and with the power of our God in heaven you are even more magnificent. Have a blessed year truly. Amen.

  2. wow theres no one like you guys, you care to bring such bread and water to our spirits and you really have the worlds best interest at heart. its like the trampled word of god has been gently lifted from the ground by you guys, dusted and revealed in its glory again

  3. Fantastic! I was looking for the reason why justice and righteousness are often paired together in the OT but not in the NT. The last place that they are paired together is in Amos.

    Do you have an answer for why that is?

    BTW: The Hebrew definitions for both words was very helpful. Thank you.

  4. The rich oppresive people have a poodle…what.the.heck.
    Did the French import poodles to the Jews or something?
    Liked it tho…

  5. you guys are awesome servant of the Mighty God. You make me more into loving reading bible. Keep your good work. God bless you in every aspect of life. Amen

  6. Thank you for all that you do. These Old Testament books are rather complex and you do a great job of explaining them so that everyday folks like myself can grasp them.

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