The book of Chronicles explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the book Chronicles.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


34 thoughts on “Read Scripture Chronicles

  1. God be praised. Bible Project, you have completed the entire Old Testament. You must be exhausted. Well done for your good and faithful service. You are a blessing to me.

    • This whole project outlines the literary beauty of the story of our history, that I haven’t been able to understand in all my attempts at reading the Bible myself.

      I would’ve never been able to appreciate what God has done for humanity, Abraham’s children, and for us with The Bible were it not for this.

  2. Thank you for showing all the Hebrew background to these words and events, that was very informative. It’s a nice refresher.

    Also, saying that Queen Esther and Mordecai are not examples of moral purity is … O_O I just can’t believe some of the things you say on here. It seems you really miss the spirit by miles in some cases.

    Like saying that God did not order Ezra to make the men divorce their wives. Um… does God always have to give a direct order when he’s already said in the law that marriage to foreign nations is wrong? What about Solomon? Solomon married many pagan women, would it be wrong for God or someone from God to tell HIM he needed to divorce all those wives? And if a prophet showed up to tell Solomon “Divorce all your wives,” would you say “Oh well that’s strange because God did not order that prophet to tell him that…” I’m just surprised you missed the mark so bad on that one. If you think God needs to give a direct order everytime someone clearly breaks a law… “God hates divorce and divorce is wrong,” yeah! But not if you had to break the law to marry in the first place!

    Oh man, kinda laughing to myself. Just glaring mistakes like that show up again and again in these videos, and of course there’s so much good to be had like the showing of how structurally beautiful these books are, but saying things like “Mordecai and Esther are not examples of moral uprightness…” I just don’t know how you let these things out of your mouth in God’s presence. Wow. Their situation was NOT regular and is not the same as not being able to marry a pagan. Peter also did not want to “break the law” by eating unclean things, but God told him “Don’t you call dirty what I have made clean.” And same for this situation. If you’re saying God is even in the hidden moments of our lives, and you admit that Mordecai said “Maybe God set this up so that you would be queen and save our people,” then how can you say that what God made pure (her marrying a pagan in a special circumstance to save the Messianic line) is unpure? Human thinking. This is not spiritual thinking.

    Great videos, but severely lacking spiritual cohesion in some parts, very important parts, might I add. Eeek.

    Have a good day gentlemen!

  3. Just found this channel today and I’ve watched all of the Old Testament videos in one binge. Really good videos. I’ve been looking for something informative and simple like this to learn from. It’s a blessing! Thanks for sharing, guys.

  4. Chronicles is actually the whole story of Israel seen from the point of view of God Himself, explaining the emphasis on bloodline (he’s highlighting from where the messiah will come, according to His promise), David’s good side being focal point in the first part is God showing His love towards him, by seeing the goodness in David, just as He sees the goodness in His children, and also giving Himself the spotlight in key moments,like saying certain kings were removed by God for their disobedience to His laws.

    While Kings tells the story from man’s point of view, Chronicles is God Himself telling it.

  5. Excellent resource.I can see that God has blessed your work to be a blessing to many.I am going through daily bible reading plan and at the start of every book,I come here to get a jist of what I would be reading.I has helped me immensely to understand the scripture.May many would benefit from these videos and fall in love with the scripture.Bless u the whole team of bible project.God be with u in your future endeavors.

  6. Great job guys! I just finished reading Chronicles and this helped me see some themes that I didn’t notice. I also am looking forward to reading 2 chronicles now that i’ve watched this. Love the illustrations too

  7. Glory be to God forever. This is great spiritual food of knowledge. May god bless you guys to produce many more inspirational design and theme including from historical text that were not placed in the Bible but still gain relevance to what god is trying to do in and around the world.

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