The Book of Deuteronomy explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of Deuteronomy.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


35 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Deuteronomy

  1. Imagine a long hallway with all of these posters from Genesis to Revelations. That would grab the attention of people and be very inspiring! 🙂

    • Christiaan Baron youre merely praticing taquiya and spreading lies and besides its historically innacurate its been proven that jesus was crucified

    • Christiaan Baron you are also missing the point that Jesus rose from a death on the cross and was seen and spoken to by people in that day after resurrection. Where are the others? Still rotting in the grave.

    • Islam gives a very different Gospel than the Christian one and also in Qoran Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection is denied, which clearly shows that the Muslims don’t believe in His glorious conquest of death itself. Sorry but Qoran is false and it wasn’t dictated by God or the angles of God.

  2. The more I learn the more I realize theonomy is true. There just isn’t any good argument against it. To deny it leaves the believer arbitrarily picking and choosing what verses and laws they want to follow and makes Gods word submissive to modern fallen societal conventions. Gods laws set Israel apart because they reflected his perfect eternal wisdom and justice. All nations were to look at Israel and copy their laws.

  3. Thanks guys! Really helped with my Torah portion speech.

    Surprisingly accurate to my learnings in my Jewish Studies and Rabbinic Literature classes!

    Great Job!

  4. Could you do the Quran or life of Muhammad illustrated? Even if you don’t believe it, it would be interesting to watch in my opinion. As someone who’s studied Islam quite a bit, I can’t help but notice many similarities between how Muslims live, even today, and how God tells the Jews to live in the Old Testament.

  5. One little thing confused me about this. what part of Genesis 3 says that the descendent of the woman will defeat evil? Please respond! I want to understand. I love your videos btw and learn a lot from watching them while I read.

  6. Hi, I watched the videos from Genesis through Deuteronomy. (Thank you.) In this last one, you say the promises or prophecies etc. were not completed by this point, but don’t say when. Are all those wrapped up in the Book of Joshua, or does one have to wait till Revelation? or where (in the video series)?

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