The Book of Exodus Ch. 19-40 explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the book of Exodus Ch. 19-40.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


35 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Exodus Ch. 19-40

  1. I want to one day own all of these posters to every book in the Bible. Hopefully you guys will be around and able to sell many copies of these posters in like 5 years once I get out of student debt and can spend money on something like this.

    • +The Bible Project awesome. Please do. Will there be a referencing to the scribes during their captivity in Babylon, also the King James Version of 1611?

    • do a experiment.

      find someone who uses a bible of different language, and ask them about any detail of the bible.(such as who is moses’ brother or who is the son of david ) if their answer doesnt match your bible, their bible is altered.

      or u can find someone who uses a old bible. then ask them about any detail of the bible. they probably get everything right.


    • There are over 6,000 manuscripts dating back to 100-200 A.D that still exist today and the only differences in them are slight changes in some of the words used. Try doing some research. There is no excuse for intellectual laziness. Bless you

    • +Bernie Foster I think if you look back at 1 of their previous videos before the ‘Genesis read scripture’ one they talk about how you can get the posters.

    • +Bernie Foster we have posters for new monthly supporters. We will also be selling posters coming this summer. You can download the images for free on our website.

  2. very awesome. mind blowing how he said israel was becoming their own enemy. i was thinking how living life without GOD and living with GOD was rough. describing two of our three enemies. THE WORLD, THE DEVIL, and OUR FLESH.

  3. Does this church endorse homosexuality as acceptable before God? Why would you discourage any christian from coming to your church, due to zip code? I’ve also noticed that your bible lessons leave out the specifics of truth. It’s only the doctrine of love that is taught, which is how the new age churches now include homosexuality as acceptable, when it is an abomination to God. Does this church teach a false Christ doctrine? I am currently donating to the Bible project, but my conscience is trouble that I will be blood guilty if this church does teach that homosexuality is acceptable to Jehovah. Please clarify, this is deeply concerning and my questions are being ignored, why?

  4. hey can you guys create a video on a full description of the covenant ark and the altar as in exodus, so i can get a better understand of how it really looked. been looking for images online but don’t find it fits the descriptions in the bible

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