The first half of the book of Ezekiel explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the first half of the book of Ezekial.

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About the author:

Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


32 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Ezekiel 1-33

  1. That dude had one crazy birthday!

    Fantastic video. The art and imagery was especially good – great job visualizing all the strange visions.

    • @ guy at evening church confronted me to tell me I couldn’t bring my back pack into church!  so I cut off my hair last night because apparently you Christians think that Paul is Greater than Salvation.  I hate your church & I’m not a Satanist.  I went to a Baptist church in the morning and they were doing exactly what I had told another church to do, which did not do what I proposed, and that was the church they were going to!  The pastor last night was preaching on the flag and never discussed the gold fringe.  this is not good.  if you don’t know what the gold fringe  means you must research naval slavery laws.  i’m disgusted by churchians.

  2. I also had a ‘vision’ of heaven and was born again and baptised in the Spirit on my birthday…I was 26. Now I’m 37! Those years have been the best of my life, praise God.

  3. Im about to start this book. So i thought i would come check out your page to see what i am to expect and to help me understand better as I read through it.
    Thanks for the illustrations! Merry Christmas.

  4. My parents named me after this prophet and yet I have never read the book all the way through. I haven’t even watched this video yet but thank you so much for doing this. God Bless.

  5. After I saw this video and realize
    that Satan is a transport of god (car or motorcycle) , no wonder I got a motorcycle
    accident on 22/12/2016 which my left index finger tendon have been cut and my
    right leg angle got a 1 cm hole womb.


    My motorcycle name calls
    daystar which I bought from another owner which he has done a beautiful paint work
    on that bike, which I bought in 2013. today I have read about Satan, which god
    name him son of the morning star call daystar, which is very beautiful angel, I
    believe this bike have given by the devil as I bought it cheap. Which cause me
    to get an accident. I been riding motorcycle since 1990 with other kind of
    bike, without getting any serious motorcycle accident injury, as this is the first
    time I have to go on operation of my left index finger and my right angle womb


    Bike name daystar and got beautiful
    paint work= to satan which name also call daystar and also beautiful i think jesus is telling me that that bike belong to satan

  6. This book allows me to see clearly that the state of our actions and hearts are not far from those described here in Ezekiel. Our hearts and faces harden with pride and many of our lives instead of rising as fragrant fragrances, rises like bread cooked over poop.

  7. Daniel came after Ezekiel! You must have meant David. Or you just used him as an example for a faithful man, witch he was… but he still came after Ezekiel. But great video thou.

  8. Please help me here. The video is great, as always. But was Ezekiel taken into captivity on the first or second deportation? The video seems to say the first deportation at 0:04 – 0:13, but I read and heard elsewhere over and over that it was the second deportation. Which is it?

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