The Book of Genesis Ch. 1-11 explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of Genesis Ch. 1-11.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


46 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Genesis Ch. 1-11

  1. Here we go! Let’s read through the Bible together in 2016. Here is an overview Genesis 1-11 to get you going. To join the reading plan go here:

    • jumper F22 well the Bible does touch on wars, but it’s for spiritual battles. All of the wars are because God made man and basically the fallen angels felt they were above man and didn’t want to worship them. I do believe angels taught men certain secrets and propelled their knowledge as seen through lamech and his descendants.

      The pyramids are kinda tough for me. Because the way they’re made I assume it was for religious purposes. We have to understand, those men and women had HIGH levels of calculus to use, somewhat more advanced than what we have today. From things I’ve read, the pyramids were used to worship the rising and setting of the sun, with passageways underground for the soul to walk to the top.

      Also, I strongly believe the pyramids might’ve been made with the help of the angels/dinosaurs. It sounds weird, but ppl fail to realize man was on earth with the dinosaurs.

    • I didn’t realize that there were two Enoch s in the early Bible. I have not seen that book in a while but I think one has to be careful saying the names of the fallen angles listed in there. Might be opening the door to some trouble.

  2. I’ve never been a non-believer per se, but at the same time I’ve not exactly been committed either. I recently changed my mind about all of it; pledged to make every effort to stop sinning, repent and seek forgiveness; …and finally… to get reading.
    I do find some of the Bible hard to digest, not because it’s the Bible, but because I have a mind that tends to wander when reading (regardless of the material)! Nevertheless, I will persist, and your channel gives me a wonderful foundation for more detailed reading of the Bible.
    Thank you very much… Subscribed, obviously 🙂

    • Yes, I’m well aware of what the Bible says when quoted out of context.
      My wife is Thai and Buddhist, so I am well aware of alternate religions.

    • +Phil R don’t let satan distract you , the enemy will send others just like this person to discourage you from seeking JESUS. JESUS is GOD. that’s it and that’s all. keep on pressing in closer to JESUS , be vigilant and know others will come sent by the enemy of our souls brother , GID bless you in our Journey

    • Phil R It’s okay to wonder!
      Critical thinking allows us to go to places where people that don’t use it can’t even imagine.

      I hope that reading the bible AND also science books can help you shape your belief.

    • For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man. 1 Corinthians 11:8-9

    • Fabian Anaya Ok I understand your confusion but it’s important to note that you’re relying in only one translation of the Bible. When you do Bible research to answer theological questions like the one you presented you must view various translation for Hebrew can be a very vague language. Also you must accept the fact that God has been referred to as a male and a female in the Bible. Many times the Bible describes God as mother and us as his children. (Isaiah 66:13, Isaiah 49:15, Psalms 131:1, Psalms 123: 2-3, Luke 13:34, Luke 15: 8-10, Hosea 13:8, Matthew 23:37 and also Genesis 1:27)

      For a better explination this links shall suffice. I bring you this information with love and pure intentions with the hopes that you gain knowledge and get to know God more and more each day! Take care now and God bless you!

      “Is God male or female?”

    • Fabian Anaya – 1 Corinthians 11:8-9 only confirms that Eve came from Adam’s rib thanks to God’s omnipotence. Then it states that women were created for men and not the other way around. God created Eve because of Adam’s loneliness. This doesn’t state nor supports the idea of God being a male. God is Spirit, he is triune (Trinity), God is far greater and far bigger than what the most brilliant of humans could ever comprehend; always remember that so that we don’t limit God in our minds when he is much more than what we could ever understand!

    • Theres no corruption, “Man” in the version in youre reading has the sense of Mankind. And even if that wasnt the case, God has created man (male) and from him created (which would be more precise to say, formed) the woman, that would be correct as well.

  3. It wasn’t a snake 🐍 who deceived Adam and Eve, it was Lucifer (Satan) in the snake, that deceived Eve. Eve, eventually gave her husband, and he also ate. As a result, they both 👫 sinned against God Almighty, and we are paying for it ever-since. 😭

    • +Đạt Võ: No my friend. You are misunderstanding what I meant. What I mean is, that because of Adam and Eve, we are in this mess we call sin. The sin nature that makes us rebellious against God. When I say, “we are paying for it,” what I’m trying to say is that, because of Adam and Eve rebellious decision, humanity is still paying for it. Like a virus that has caused so much grief to mankind. 😭

  4. i enjoy your work and have found it beneficial, I am just interested as to whether you are familiar with the work of Dr Michael Heiser?

  5. i like how the Bible passages r put together in a short video.I love the artistic idea of how it is presented.very suitable for children as well as adults who are audio-visual learners as well as for people who r busy and don’t have time to read through every word in the bible.

  6. I noticed how you didn’t cover how Adam & Eve were able to populate the world. How, without incest, were humans able to populate?

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