The book of Habakkak explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the book of Habakkak.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


29 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Habakkuk

  1. About 2 weeks ago I had a dream that God told me to read Habakkuk and I kept looking around to see who it was. Never saw a face or body, just that sweet gentle but yet firm voice coming out of the air. So I then knew it was God and I said, “OK I will read it” but I knew in my heart I did not felt like reading it. So he told me again to read it but this time it was an order. So I said, “yes God I will read it as soon as I get home”. Woke up and eventually read Habakkuk and I kept asking God what was he trying to tell me. Well until Wednesday afternoon I felt like a light bulb turned on in my brain and I then knew why I was to read Habakkuk. He was answering one of my life-long prayer! God is mysteriously awesome! Jesus is LORD repent now and invite Jesus into your heart as your Lord and Savior!

    • They can be. We have the freedom to make a Babylon here if we stray from God’s teachings. No one is stopping us from going one way or another.

      Having said that, charging too high interest rates just to keep people poor will also keep the charger from developing wealth. 🙂

  2. The thing I like most about the Bible project is how timeless your episodes are. I like how this is something I can refer my kids to in the future! thank you for putting this together!!

  3. what a beautiful talent and ministry.

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this and sharing it for others to soak up as a visual learning aid This is one of my favorite books its a beautiful story of faith grown through spiritual eyes moving away from the limited eyes of the physical.

    parallels today with Isaiah 5:20 narcissism, violence, etc,

    Keep praying with faith filled hearts and minds for our country and for truth to be revealed though God’s word to an open heart and mind for truth.

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