The Book of James explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought through the Book of James.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


53 thoughts on “Read Scripture: James

    • +Kenneth Blanchard She knows.  She’s a MUSLIM.  That’s what they do – lie and then distort God’s Holy Word, and then think they are a “sister faith” when they are PAGAN and were REJECTED by the Jews and Christians of old, and REJECTED this very day by true saints, for we shall never yoke our Lord to their pagan idol, and never yoke our prophets to their liar, and never yoke God’s Holy and Sacred Word to their delusional book! 




    • MessengerOfTruth That was not about Islam. Or are you suggesting that God rejects all Arabs? The gospel is for ALL. We should not dismiss anyone as being unworthy of it due to their ethnicity. No Gentile is a descendant of Sarah, yet we are all welcome to come to God through Jesus

    • Well in general from Muslim belief and the time it was written, the way they differently portray God, not to mention denying the divinity of Christ, getting quite a few historical and scientific facts wrong. I know its not the word of God and not an Abraham origen religion. therefore not similar. Muhammed was not around during the time of Abraham, Abraham not was muslim. He (Muhammad) could have had his hands on manuscripts of bible.
      Muhammed couldn’t write and had to.have someone do it for him. When he saw “angles” they scared him so much he wanted to kill himself. That and his wife’s death? According to Islams book. even after that he tried to kill himself many times. He thought himself to be possessed. He thought he was having sex with his wife’s for about a year when he wasn’t ect.
      they don’t think Christ is savior.
      I’m sorry if this seems rude? y’all okay. I’m not the best tester and to be honest this is from a convocation I had with another Muslim.

    • +Kirsty McAllister The primary reason the Catholics believe it is because it’s a de fide teaching of the church, and the Catholics view the magesterium (teaching office of the church) as well as sacred tradition (apostolic tradition, church fathers, etc) as having the same authority as you view the bible as having.

      However, they didn’t get the view without reason. There are historical precedents for the view that they will appeal to.

      p.s. Mind, I’m not saying any of this is a good or bad reason to believe, just trying to give my best understanding as to why Catholics believe this stuff.

      p.s.s. If you already knew this, my apologies. Perhaps it will be of use to some passing reader though.

    • Thanks – that’s really helpful. I’ve not read all of it yet, but I will. It’s always helpful to know WHY people believe the things they do.

    • +Kirsty McAllister

      “There were also many women there, looking on from a far, who had followed Jesus from Galilee, ministering to him; among who were Mary Magdalene, and Mary the mother of James and Joseph, and the mother of the sons of Zebedee.” (Matt. 27:56; see also Mark 15:40)

    • Well Put, brother.
      I find it fitting that this thread began under the video of a book from James. The letter that mentions the questions, “What causes quarreling among you?”

    • +CesarD321 I imagine that wasn’t until after he really got saved, and rested in Jesus as his Sabbath…

      Oh, but his parents(until whatever happened to Joseph:) “We worship our son…”

      “Oh great, get the stones, Nimrod’s reincarnated… again…”

      I can’t imagine it, for James lived with him, but I can fathom the we are God’s brothers and sisters, in his blood, and that he was his own sonne… Hmm…. That means we’re his kids’ aunts, and uncles! I’m my own uncle! Cool!

      *I spell God as “Goð” because I am tired of hearing Sacred Namers say “God is dog spelled backwards… ” and then they turn around and write “G-d” and I get mad, and yell at them, because A.: that’s stupid, we write Vowels in English, B.: The Islandic word for God is: Guð, the old Norse word was Goð, the word which all Germanic words: “God” came from was originally some form of Gð. C.: “G-d(Gad[probably originally pronounced: Gað{Gath — ‘th’ sound as in: the, this, them, those}])” was is a Hebrew name for one of the old Pagan Gods that was probably also Ba’al — probably where the word ‘god’ actually came from, really, D.: That’s a made up tradition in one of the two talmuds.

      Ðð makes the “th-sound” from words like: the, this, them, those, these, weather, etc.

      I started saying it like that as well…

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