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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the book of Joshua.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


45 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Joshua

    • chadi aboueid

      God ordered the destruction of the Canaites so that he could save the world like a doctor amputating a limb. if the Canaites had not been destroyed there would be no Israel. If there was no Israel no Jesus. there was no Jesus then there would be no then there would be no victory over death and Hell. we would be unable to enter into a relationship with God.

      remember that God is Just and loves all men, and he can is all knowing and sees through time. because of this week can be assured that he would not have done these things if there was any other way.

    • aah the genocidal scriptures. I refuse to believe that God would ‘command’ anyone to capture virgins and use them as sex slaves or stab children and pregnant women and rip their unborn fetuses from their wombs and stab those fetuses. This is the definition of terrorism. The Israelites were acting on their own interests and invoking the name of God to justify their own sickening/vile actions. That’s precisely what’s wrong with Jihad. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to justify the israelites without justifying ISIS. Think about it, would you commit any of those acts if he ‘commanded you to?’

    • +Eric Lloyd 

      We see only one possibility reality. The first
      goal of God’s plan has always been to bring Jesus into the world, because without him humanity has no hope. We know that God is love (He dose not just posses love HE IS IT) And that he can see into the future and knew exactly what action were require to bring us salvation.

      Many Action can seem unloving out of context some one pearsing your skin and cutting off your limbs. But with the context that the person doing it is a Doctor who is trying to save our lives. The these action become action of love.

  1. one important little fact to note is that if Israel would have obeyed God they would have arrived to an unoccupied Promised Land but since they disobeyed him they were forced to wander 40 years in the desert and arrived to an occupied land which would now need to be fought on and conquered. they were still paying for the price of their parents disobedience 40 years later confirming what he stated in his first commandment that he would revisit iniquities of all the parents further down through their Generations including their children their grandchildren and great-grandchildren

    • that was after the 40 years had passed though, the plan was for the journey to take 2 weeks not 40 years. But the people rebelled against God and paid with their chance at seeing the promised land

    • Eli Mayen Oh really? I thought that happened before the 40 years. I thought they got to the land, sent the 12 spies and when the 10 brought a negative report, that’s when God allowed them to wander the dessert for 40 years and that’s why all the spies- apart from Joshua and Caleb, died in the wilderness.. Maybe I’m mistaken.

    • I believe it was the rebellion of Kore, Datan, and Abiram that cost the 1st generation the promised land. Ill have to double check but im 90 percent sure that im correct

  2. I have always wondered about the canaanites and why it was okay for them to be attacked and land taken. Now I understand, thank you 🙂 It should be a warning to many nations today

  3. Once again, so many good things and some really interesting points brought up in these videos. Although even if we do read those Bible passages of the laws on what Israel was and was not allowed to do, doesn’t necessarily give the full picture of what the Canaanites were like. Extra research is necessary to really get the full weight of how bad these people were.

    Even if God DID choose to commit genocide, why is that wrong? Everything God does is right, and he doesn’t have to give a reason for anything. (Deut 32:4) The fact that he does is for us a kindness, not a right. The Canaanites made it their life goal to oppose God and his people, and just because a few changed, doesn’t mean he didn’t intend to get rid of the entire group of people (genocide) just as he did with Sodom and Gomorrah. No one has the right to question God’s decisions. He is always right, and he always does what’s best.

    Warning: The following historical facts may be extremely disturbing for some readers. But this is reality:

    Not only did the Canaanites do human and child sacrifice, but they also did things that defiled all nature (if you look up what Satanist’s do, you’ll get an idea), having sex with anything that moves. If God wanted to completely wipe them out, he wasn’t the only one, because these people forced their worship on everyone and anything, collected people from all over and children from all over for their hauntingly degenerate sacrifices so that they can gain extra power, kidnapping them from their families off the street and then raping them, small children, from age of 2 and upward (even freshly aborted fetuses) to gain special creative and magic abilities. They’d keep the babies or cut up flesh in a jar, bathe in feces, urine and semen with them while cutting up animals after having sex orgies with them and then boiling them in their mother’s milk (hence that seemingly out of place law in Deuteronomy: “Don’t boil a kid in its mother’s milk. I am Yahweh.”), assuming they even had a mother left to kill. It’s not just a matter of certain strange worship practices–it’s a matter of bringing planet earth along with every single one of her people to complete and shocking ruin, and in a very God-defying malicious manner.

    These people DESERVED genocide. If you say in the Ezekiel video that God was justified in punishing Israel, and that they truly “deserved’ it, Canaanites all the more so. The few that changed did not mean God did not eventually wipe these people out completely. It’s easy to say “God would never do that” now since we can all say it from the comfort of our own computer, but let’s be real. These people were a constant danger to society and anyone of us could have been next had we lived then.

    Has respect also left us because fear of imminent danger has?

    I can’t imagine you would be able to walk up to God’s throne yourself and call part of his letter to the human race “BORING!” now would you? Disrespecting the Most High is no way to curry his favor on Judgment Day. I’d tell you to watch yourself but God can speak for himself.

    • What these tribes were doing goes way beyond sin. They defiled themselves with fallen angels and had corrupted DNA. See Genesis 6, Jude, 1 and 2 Samuel. These people were literal giants who bred with fallen angels that abandoned their abode. This is why God commanded the Israelites to absolutely destroy certain tribes while it was okay to make peace with others. The defiled tribes are clearly listed in God’s word. The human line to Christ could not get corrupted. There was something going on back then that we can’t even fathom. Read and research the version of the Old Testament that Jesus and the Apostles studied from (the Septuagint) and things become much more clear. God himself can and does pass judgement on entire groups of people. The Edomites were completely wiped out by God’s judgement and this is stated in multiple books of the Bible as literal fact. It is also recorded in other historical sources from other cultures. In order for unconditional love to exist you have to have punishment when humans in a fallen world reject salvation.

    • A Z – “In order for unconditional love to exist you have to have punishment when humans in a fallen world reject salvation.”

      Thank God at least one other person in this world understands! Well done, mate! This was a very good response.

      “God himself can and does pass judgement on entire groups of people. The Edomites were completely wiped out by God’s judgement and this is stated in multiple books of the Bible as literal fact. It is also recorded in other historical sources from other cultures.”

      Yes he does! Doesn’t he have the right to? He is afterall, ya know,
      GOD! People act as if he has to act by their limited and at times childish understanding. So glad you mentioned all that. God has the right to do whatever he wants, and since he is love (1 John 4:8), we know that he always has everyone’s best interests at heart. Let God be God, people! He ain’t *_you!!_*


    • Michelangelo Adamantiel I Find it unclear why you think it’s ok to say that the Canaanites deserves genocide. I find that highly unfitting for two reasons:
      1) God has divine knowledge which enables only Him to truly decide whether a people would ever deserve genocide
      2) Canannites where also human beings. They are also people, and we who have heard the teaching of Jesus and get to see the fulfillment of the law I think should be careful with how we judge other people. In the present, past and future.

    • MichaelAngelo, thank you. I also commented and said similar to what you said here. I have watched several of these videos and while I enjoyed many of them, I have to say that I have noticed a similar pattern in a few. The makers of these videos seem to, in some cases, be trying to depict certain parts of scripture in a certain way that causes some facts to be downplayed, revised, or even cleverly omitted altogether in order to spare certain feelings or quite frankly appease certain viewers and their particular sensitivities. Sir, you have hit the nail on the head in your comment and your elaboration of how vile the Cananites were is a great addition to explaining why it is that they NEEDED to be destroyed ALL OF THEM even the animals. Every living defiled thing needed to go.

    • Aron Fra, You can’t teach unconditional love without fearing the Lord first. In order for unconditional love to exist you have to have free will.The direct result of free will is both unconditional love and sin depending on which path you choose.Those that choose sin choose judgement. This also happened to the Israelites later on when they decided to engage in human sacrifice and worship Canaanite gods. They were raped and pillaged by the Assyrians and then the Babylonians as punishment.

  4. I feel special cuz my real name is Joshua tho i am no god or anything I’m just saying it makes me feel special cuz it has my name 😁👀

  5. I do not agree with your view about God’s commands towards the Canaanites. I believe that the commands were literal, but the Israelites actually could not get themselves to carry it out for various reasons. And in the end following Canaanite example, and their influence lead to the Israelite ultimate downfall. The destruction commanded had to do with their evil, although it is hard to imagine what would warrant such judgement. But to give an example Jonah disobeyed God because of the hediousness of the Ninivites, though it is difficult to know how terrible they would have been. Also for a God who destroyed humanity in the flood, why is it so difficult to believe that He wanted to rid of the Canaanites, specifically for Israel’s sake. In the end the Canaanites proved to be thorns to Israel. God ultimately used the Canaanites to test Israel. In order to fully get rid of the Canaanites would have required absolute devotion to God, which the Israelites could not maintain for too long a period. Perhaps Israel cannot overcome Canaanite in view of their own sins, and why would God be compelled to in the end get rid of a terrible nation, given that Israel is proving itself to be not much better.

    • A Z Your credentials are the voices of other strangers on YouTube? I have difficulty swallowing that…

      I think you’re analysis of this video as discrediting God’s word is unfounded from both my repeated viewing of the video, and my knowledge of the Bible Project. While I can respect your opinion, your claims of “heresy” on this need some evidence beyond the views of other YouTubers.

    • Here is my Biblical evidence: Claiming that God can’t destroy people because it is genocide is absolute nonsense. You are limiting the power of God to man’s limited viewpoint. It’s the Creator’s life to give and His to take away. Genocide is a human term that can’t apply to Creator God (Isaiah 64:8). Was Sodom and Gomorrah hyperbole? No. Was David’s conquest against Goliath, his brothers, and the Philistines hyperbole? No. Was the Israelite conquest against Jericho hyperbole? Was Saul getting cursed by demons for refusing to kill all the Amalekites hyperbole? No.There are multiple examples throughout the Bible of God wiping out entire groups of people and it literally happened (1 Samuel 15, Deuteronomy 29:16-18, Leviticus 27:28-29). Remember the Edomites God said he would destroy because of how they treated Israel during their time of need? (Basically the entire book of Obadiah). These events weren’t just recorded in the Bible but by other people as well. Don’t change the word of God because you don’t agree with his judgement. BTW the only people with degrees in theology during Jesus’ time were the pharisees.

    • A Z I believe you are reading into this video issues you have with different theologies. There is no evidence, other than assumptions you’re bringing to the video, that the authors and producers are trying to discredit scripture, or sugar coat the Bible to meet our modern sensibilities. I can’t see justification for a criticism like this upon this video. If anything, they are presenting evidence that endorses a full understanding of the text.

      As they mention, their is a perceived discrepancy between instructions to kill all, and parallel instructions to not intermarry with survivors. By claiming part of scripure has authority over the other (e.g. destruction over laws against intermarriage) imposed a view of scripture that sets it against itself, and ultimately undermines the argument for sculptural authority which you appear to be basing your claims.

      As for the Pharisees, who spent years studying the scriptures and lived and breathed them, let us not forget Nicodemus, Joseph of Aramathia and others who recognised Jesus as the awaited messiah. It is not learning a should fear, but a close minded attitude to revelation that upsets our personal prejudices. It was through Paul, a Pharisee of Pharisees, that Jesus issues most of the New Testament scriptures which we have today!

    • timmydoulos, my issue with the video is clearly stated above. Paul and Nicodemus both turned from their careers as pharisees to follow Christ, which basically proves my point. That is however an entirely different discussion. I use harsh words like heresy when people reinterpret entire books of God’s word. As a former Roman Catholic I am versed in all sorts of heretical teachings. Here is a fun fact that most Christians don’t know, did you know the entire Mary goddess worship started in Catholicism with a modern reinterpretation of 1 verse? I have seen how reinterpreting God’s word leads directly to Satanic perversion of scripture. All I can say is beware of the modern new age teachings coming straight from theological schools. Another perfect example of this is the extremely popular megachurch prosperity gospel. All i can say is be like the Bereans and test everything against scripture. Go in peace brother.

    • A Z I think there is far more we agree on than disagree on, and the issues of Mary worship and prosperity gospel are clear. I also agree that the scriptures are the basis of our theology, and; think we both hold dear the importance of Biblical Theology, and the authority of scripture is essential.

      I do think, however think you have read something into this video if you think that the Bible Project team are saying that God doesn’t have authority to destroy wicked people. It is clearly stated in the video that this is so, and that there was much of this in the book of Joshua.

      Your issue seems to be that the destruction desired might not have always been total. There are places where is Joshua we are are told “and they totally destroyed them” (past tense) and then later told what to do with the survivors. This then places a dilemma upon your interpretation, and your insistence that in all cases the Hebrew meaning is about total destruction, which in turn places unnecessary misunderstating upon scripture.

      The way you claim things about Pharisees without biblical warrant suggests much of your interpretation is based on the presuppositions you bring to the text. I’m struggling to find reference to Nicodemus leaving leaving his identity as a Pharisee, though this is possible. Paul continued to speak in synagogues until forced not to. Being a believer in Jesus didn’t mean he stopped being a Jew, nor holding to belief in the Old Testament scriptures, which the Pharisees were renound for. He did use his great learning to show that the Pharisees interpretation of certain scriptures was wrong (though he used their knowledge and belief in the resurrection to get him out of a sticky situation with the Saducess). He also was clearly against man-made laws which had no power to change the inner person, and clearly argued that Gentile believers didn’t need to follow “the Law” (of the Old Covenant)

      Let us agree to disagree over your serious (and in my view unfounded) claim of heresy toward the Bible Project, and your broad disregard to the many Bible loving and sincere followers of Jesus in Biblical scholarship who labour to bring greater understanding of the cultural context and linguistics of the times the scriptures were written.

  6. Way to make excuses for fucking genocide and the mass murderer of children carried out by rotten jews, you fucking jew worshippers. Disgusting. Your religion is jewish garbage and you are all scum.

  7. Before anyone starts throwing around accusations, I’m writing this because I want to genuinely understand how something like conquest and genocide could be justifiable towards a group of people by people of faith like in this particular book. This is a part of the Bible that has been a serious stumbling block for me, and also, by the logic of this book and others in the Bible, all the way up to Revelations where God lays waste to nearly the entire earth for its sins…. who says God ever stopped judging entire societies the way He did the Canaanites? ie by extermination, or at the very least conquest and subjugation, for their sins?

    Take Muslims for example. Muslims are so devout that, even assuming their faith is misplaced and misguided in a false prophet (though they clearly say there is no God but God and to worship Him wholeheartedly and alone, just as the Jews in the Old Testament were told to do in Deuteronomy…for that matter in Arabic even Christians use Allah as the name for God, because that’s simply the word for God in that language. In fact it means The God, as opposed to simply one of many), they pray to God 5 times a day, whereas most people in the West only do so occasionally if at all, and they acknowledge Him in nearly everything they do.
    They wash and purify themselves (called wudu, again quite similar to what ancient Hebrews were told to do) and literally bow down to Him when they pray (there are numerous examples in the Old Testament of prophets prostrating to God, which is what that means. Muslims pray towards Mecca because they believe that Abraham built it as a shrine to honor God for miraculously keeping his son Ishmael alive in the middle of the desert) whereas most of our televangelist churches are completely devoid of the Spirit, and actively try to keep the poor out, and as a result are viewed as being total hypocrites.

    Certain groups of them also say it’s God’s will to either convert or wipe out and conquer entire societies for being perverse and sinful. Their punishments for crimes against God, like homosexuality, adultery, neglecting the poor, and so on, as well as their interpretation of Sharia law dictating both their legal code and how God wants them to live personally, are actually very similar to Mosaic law if you were to read both of them side by side. They see the concepts of nationalism and democracy that many of the people ironically watching this video probably take for granted as being blasphemous ideas that undermine and degrade God, distract people from Him, and lead them to sin.

    So, by the logic of this book of the Bible, don’t they kind of have a point? If they follow God so fervently that they’re willing to do all these things, not drink or use drugs often in societies overtly encouraging it, cover themselves from head to toe when women around them are wearing booty shorts, or fly halfway across the world for what they believe is the honor of dying for Him in jihad against sinful and corrupt societies because they think that’s what God wants them to do, then why wouldn’t God let them win and subjugate us or even wipe us out?

    Again, I’ve probably pissed off a lot of people by writing this, but I do genuinely want to know. If God was willing to let the Jews utterly destroy, conquer, and enslave the Canaanites for being corrupt and sinful when the Jews were righteous and devout, by that logic why wouldn’t God be on the side of the people who would strap a bomb to themselves because they think it would honor Him (keep in mind, Jews in Joshua didn’t have bombs available) as opposed to the people who have nearly abandoned Him completely because of the “freedom” to rebel and sin against Him?

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