The Book of Jude explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought through the Book of Jude.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


38 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Jude

  1. There is great debate in church’s about this book, it hits hard to those that won’t stop their addiction to porn and those who live in fornication with a partner. These two sins dominate the church and the main argument of those who engage in them is that (Jesus blood covers my sin and by you saying I need to stop is saying my sin is greater then his blood, they say I am once saved always saved, and I confess I believe in Jesus and that’s all I need.) This book shows them clear as day that this view is a perverted view of God’s Grace and it will continue to cause conviction lest their hearts become hard. I pray their eyes are opened.

    • Hunter Cowart

      You just said some people don’t want to change. God wants to see some effort compared to no effort. With the David example he did some bad stuff, but eventually repented.

      ” Nevertheless, God’s solid foundation stands firm, sealed with this inscription: “The Lord knows those who are his,”and, “Everyone who confesses the name of the Lord must turn away from wickedness.” ” 2 Timothy 2:19

      Christians shouldn’t justify any sin that they know of and repetent to God right away.

      If I had a drinking problem and got drunk, but later repented of it compared to got drunk a died in an accident. We should do the first and not the second. God wants us to dominate sin with his help. We’re not perfect, but God will give us time to overcome our personal sins that we may struggle with because we should be growing spirtually throughout our lives by spending time with & letting the Holy Spirit tell us what to do. God hates sin and we should love what God loves and hate what God hates.

      romans 8:2

      ” because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death ”

      romans 8:14

      ” For sin shall no longer be your master, because you are not under the law, but under grace “

    • somebodyelseathome That’s what I was trying to say. I apologize if it sounded like I was saying something else. I was talking about Drizzy Dracula’s comment. We shouldn’t sin, but Jesus will forgive us if we confess it and turn away from sin. He is faithful to cleanse us from all unrighteousness if we confess, repent, and turn away from it (1 John 1:9).

    • Jonathan, when “christians” say things like “once saved always saved is a heresy or perverted view of God’s grace” it absolutely astonishes me. First of all, I don’t know ANYONE that believe once they are saved, they’re free to sin as much as they please. That is ridiculous. If you believe that once the Son justifies you, and you are no longer held guilty in God’s court, and then suddenly you can un-justify yourself due to sin, then you are sadly mistaken my friend. Please read John 10:29. If you believe sin can unwash a sinner, you are the one, in fact, perverting God’s grace. Are you really going to stand before God and tell him He couldn’t save to the uttermost? Are you really going to stand before God and tell Him He couldn’t keep all His sheep?

      Do you know what Double Jeopardy means? It means one cannot be tried for the same crime twice, and if you believe you can lose your salvation, than you believe in double jeopardy. That doesn’t fly in human court, you really think it flies in God’s perfect court? If you believe that, then God can justify a man, declare him not guilty, than re-charge him/find him guilty for crimes/sins he was previously acquitted from. That is NOT justice. That is not the God of the Bible. How much sense does that make?

      Now, out of love, I’m going to exhort you to be more careful how you address this issue. I guarantee you that ETERNAL means ETERNAL. The Son gives ETERNAL life, not conditional life. If you believe you can lose salvation, you earned it to begin with, and you are directly against Ephesians 2:8-9. If I get to Heaven one day, and learn I didn’t sin away my salvation, well, I think I might be able to boast a little. But clearly, there will be no boasting in Heaven. If you believe you can maintain your salvation by not sinning it away, then my friend, you are working for your salvation and aligning yourself with occult beliefs. Cults believe they maintain their salvation, not Christians. If I’ve misunderstood you, then I apologize and deeply regret my post. God Bless, and YES, I pray eyes are opened indeed.

    • Hypernikao Productions Hey I read your entire post, and it has really good observations from the word. Thanks for the response. You misunderstood me a little, I don’t believe in works or earning salvation. I read the Bible about once every 2 days for a few chapters or a book (Mostly New testament but recently im into the old testament study) It’s clear to me we are made right only by the Blood of Christ and you cannot boast because you didn’t do anything towards the saving process. But the other thing that has become more and more clear to me is that God honors our choices. We could talk about the Armani vs Calvin all day and get nowhere so to be simple about what I get from the scriptures and personal conviction from the Holy Spirit is that, on the day of Judgement there will be a vast many who are suprised when Jesus says he never knew them, you who practice sin. In short I believe those people who he never knew are the ones who think they are saved and our actually not, they appear to be because they associate with a church and with other Christians, but they are still lost. He says I “never” knew you so they surrounded themselves with Christ but never let him in. In Jude when he says some are in the church who say we can sin and still be consider a Christ follower, I believe these are the modern day apostates who have sex outside of marriage, watch porn, hold unforgivness inside etc. And when you address them about it (cause I have in a nice way, all I did was point it out and asked how come they still do it in a soft voice and out of concern) they say it’s OK I’m saved, I’m not perfect man, I can’t leave her, or I want what I want porn makes me happy, etc. The post was to point out how in churches today in America this is being accepted by Pastors and Elders as a genuine doctrine. And on judgement they who are living in these sins believing they have something they don’t will be cast into Hell forever and it concerns me.

    • I had to edit my original! Sorry for the double post.

      I’m glad I was mistaken. Thank you for your grace. You’re either saved, by your own choice, and kept by the Son per His promise, or never saved. If you believe your saved, it’s possible to be deceived, yes. “Depart from me, I never knew you.” -Jesus to the self deceived (Matthew 7)

      I’m neither Arminian or Calvin. Both are wrong:) I would suggest looking into Molinism. It’s the middle road that says man has free will, and cannot lose their salvation. Election is due to foreknowledge. Which is reiterated in Romans. Have a good day, brother.

  2. Mention of apocrypha, interesting

    The only books that must be rejected are false gospels: gospels written too late or way after the end of revelation – closing of 1st century

    • Not as amazing as you think.  I quote Bob Marleys “the truth is an offence, but not a sin” ALL THE TIME.  Just because I quote it as a source of Truth does not mean that its God inspired, or God’s Word.  Even Paul cited something that the pagans believed.  Just because its truth out of a pagan source does not make the source validated.  Jude wasn’t validating the phoney book of Enoch.   Not by a long shot.

    • +MessengerOfTruth

      not saying validating but understanding it

      for example, we can still use Plato’s ideas as well as plenty of philosophers – that doesnt mean it belongs in the bible either

    • +Mi Les Ok.  Of that I can and do agree with.  But, I’ve also known and read this “lost books” when I was about 17.  This was back around 1991-ish.  My parents had stuff on the so-called writings of Adam and Eve, the book of Enoch, and other stuff I can’t remember.  Even as a teen I knew something was very wrong with these books.

      I learned many years later, as an adult, WHY I discerned what I did.

      Take the Gospel of Barnabus for example.  It says that wine was kept in BARRELS, but we know wine was kept in WINESKINS during the life of the real Barnabus.  Barrels came centuries later.  It also mentions a coinage system that only came long after the real Barnabus was dead.  And it also quotes DANTE’S INFERNO (or maybe that the so-called Gospel of Thomas – I can’t remember).  Either way, its pretty darn clear that IF it was the real Barnabus who wrote it, it was hijacked and corrupted centuries later by someone who didn’t know the history and culture of Baranabus’ lifetime.  Clearly it is NOT the Word of God.

      Take the book of Enoch.  Enoch says that giants were as tall as football fields are long.  Basically, as long as the Ark.  How foolish.  That would make a baby the size of a bus!  And its penis would be the sixe of my BMW X5!  Probably longer!  What sort of “sex” is that creature going to have with a 5 foot woman!?  Clearly false.  And then it also promote the WORSHIP OF ANGELS.  Hang on.  God Himself is totally against any worship of anything other than Himself.  Both Judaism and Christianity are clearly against this.  So, how can a “God-inspired” book promote the worship of angels?


      It’s NOT God inspired.

      And since I know what it says, the only thing that’s important is to never use them in any regard.

      Judas was not promoting any book of Enoch.  He simply said what he prophecies.

      Jeremiah warned about the LYING PENS.

      Jesus Himself said, “Woe to you SCRIBES and Pharisees”

      Everyone always wants to point a finger at the Pharisee, completely ignoring the fact that Jesus puts damnation on the SCRIBE equally.

      He is obviously condemning false works and their authors, to HELL.

      … and that’s all I need to “understand”.

      …. not to mention the fact that Jews did NOT highly favor these texts as this video suggests.  Not then, and not now.  Only cult groups do … and gullible Christians.

  3. Your videos never fail to amaze me! Great job again guys! I do have one question though, why didn’t Jesus’s brothers follow Him prior to His resurrection?

    • The same reason many today do not follow him after his resurrection. I realize that is a vague answer, but there really is no one universal reason why many refuse to follow Jesus. Jesus himself depicted four different kinds of minds (Luke 8:5-8); his purpose was not to enforce a statistic (i.e. it’s not that only 25% will obey Jesus), but rather to show us that different factors keep the seed from taking root.

      In the Synoptic gospels, they sought Jesus to take him home (presumably because they thought he had lost his mind [see Mark 3:21] or that he was embarrassing their family name). Perhaps the most infamous account of their unbelief is in John 7:1-10. The text implies that his brothers wanted him to die (i.e. by going back to Judea). We read, “Not even his brothers believed in him.” (7:5). Perhaps they did not believe out of resentment (“He’s mother’s favorite child!”), bitterness (“He’s bringing reproach on our family name”), or envy (the same reason the Jewish leaders killed Jesus; see Mark 15:10). The saying is often true, “Familiarity breeds contempt.”

      We do not see them as believers until after the resurrection as believers (Acts 1:14).

    • Josh McPheron I also think mostly the same reason why His own town or village dint believe in Him, if your brother told you I am God ,you are probably going to have a hard time believing him than a stranger who did not know anything about your brother. Hope that also helped

  4. lucky are y’all that got to see that Revelation Livestream. I was halfway done when they cut off the broadcast!

    +The Bible Project please post that stream again!

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