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The book of Nahum explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the book of Nahum.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


32 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Nahum

  1. Did Israelis or The Jews ever find them selves in any peace with God at any point. It seems The Old Testament is about how they suffer, hunger, looking, looking for peace, land, water. Anywhere in Scripture where they have hope?

    • They bring it on themselves though, just as we do. And yes, there is plenty of Hope! God will end oppression and evil once and for all 🙂

    • +Edwin Rivera God showed them the Hope they were looking for so many times it wasn’t funny. But, they refused His love and the Hope just passed them by.

  2. Listening to this reminds me of all of the violence quickly escalating in the US right now, well, and in many other countries. It’s so sad to see how quickly we are becoming like Sodom and Gomorrah: Violent, without self control, evil, hateful, etc.

  3. I love this Bible project ….since I wanna learn and understand the Bible as a narrative rather than a law book 📚 and How much God has done for the world 🌎 He sure is our refugee and our comforter

  4. Every Empire history was corrupted with blasphemous sinners, paganism, immoral societies etc. before falling. It is still happening today.

  5. I love your videos, because I get a sense of the bigger picture. That said, I found 3-4 mentions of Nineveh in chapter 1, in different Bible translations (the video says there are none). That means that even if the hebrew words are not “Nineveh” literally, the allusion to Nineveh is strong enough to have convinced several translators to write “Nineveh”. I understand a video like this can’t go into this discussion, but I’m left with a sense that one of the big points of the video is made on a shaky ground.

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