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The first half of the Book of Revelation explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought through the first half of the Book of Revelation.

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About the author:

Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


60 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Revelation Ch. 1-11

    • +Carla B
      [[you do have to give credit where credit’s due personally I would say that this is 85% accurate which is better than the horrible 20% that’s being preached inside and outside of different churches. wouldn’t you say so?]]
      I cannot.
      Will a Judge give me credit if I told her 20% lies?  Wont she punish me for it?
      Can I give Islam, or Nation of Islam, or KKK, or Hebrew Isrealites, or Christian cults credit becaue they have SOME Truth?  Will God allow them into Heaven?
      Did you know that the Queen James Version (homosexual Bible) is purer than many translations, but because it removes about 6 words, it entirely eradicates the doctrine against homosexuality?  It is PURER than the Sacred Names Bible.  It really is.  But can I call it a “holy book”?
      No.  I cannot give them credit.  Mistakes are one thing, but the things they have pushed are over and beyond mistakes.  These thigns are so blatent, I feel that they are DELIBERATE distortions. 
      Like, I can see how it’s a MISTAKE to put “war” as the first rider and then “conquest”  That is a mistake.  I wouldn’t have made it, but I can see how it’s a mistake.
      But to insert “repentance” when the word is GLORY?  That is a clear insertion.
      But to say the the 144,000 is what John HEARD, but the number he SAW was uncountable, trying to make them the same number when Revelation clearly shows us the 144,000 are ON EARTH, but John is IN HEAVEN and sees an uncountable number IN HEAVEN … is too gross to be a mistake.
      And then to call the 144,000 a Messianich army, when these ar clearly Jewish, male, baby boys?  Gross error.
      And then to say that it’s the Messiah who defeats Satan when its clearl the angel Michael? 
      Over and over and over I was seeing this.  I cannot get BIBLICAL DISTORTIONS any credit.  I cannot .. and I will not … becaue this is something GOD HATES.
      David said, “thou has esteemed Thy Word ABOVE all Thy name”
      Meaning, God considered His WORD in higher regard than all His names combined.  Messing with it … can spell disaster for the distorter.  And Revelation issues a very, very strong warning to people who mess with it.
      No.  I cannot give credit to Biblical distortion, for Biblical distortion is EXACTLY what leads to bad doctrine, poor theology, fake Christians, and sends people to HELL.  I cannot support that.  I will not.  WE must not.

      Suppose someone else does the same thing, but they DELIBERATELY distort it.  Will you accept it?

      Then what is the difference if its a mistake or if its deliberate?  The hearer is still dissuaded from the Truth.

    • +Chris Johnson This is about REVELATION, not Christianity.

      This is about REVELATION, not the Gospels.

      This is about REVELATION, not what a believer is today.

      Ask me something RELEVANT to my posts, then I will warrant your questions worthy of a response.  I’m beyond the point of being sick and tired of silly, irrelevant questions and challenges on YouTube.

  1. The 2 witnesses are not the church. This almost sounds like replacement theology. God wants to restore Israel and His people which is what Revelation is about… the 144,000 JEWISH witnesses, the 2 Witnesses in JERUSALEM, the church is only mentioned at the beginning of Revelation and is not mentioned again until the very end. I have always liked watching and listening to the Read Scripture videos but this one you guys are taking great liberty with the meaning and context of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

    • MessengerOfTruth …”lies” – Thanks for your reply! You can have your christian website, your christian understanding, your christian false messiah, your christian holidays, your christian lies… Will take the truth and the kingdom with the Real Messiah Yahshua. Rev. 14:12 talks about a people that keep the commandments of Yahweh and the faith in Yahshua. I have no need to be harsh, rude, or call you names because the future is written… My Messiah’s last words were these and it will be mine too. Rev. 22:14 “blessed are they that do HIS Commandments, that they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter into the gates into the city” 👣 (shaking the dust off my feet)


      FACT #1:
      You FAILED to address anything.  How silly are you?  YOU are the one who posted that stupidness and I responded to YOU!?  What does a Christian site, belief, holidays, etc have to do with ME responding directly to YOUR words?  That’s pathetic!  YOU are the idiot who has come into a CHRISTIAN video with CHRISTIANS threads.  But now that I’ve made a fool of you, all of a sudden you don’t want to hear the TRUTH?  Dumb fool.  CHRISTIANS are the authors of the entire New Te4stament!  That Revelation you love to quote is written BY a Jewish CHRISTIAN and TO CHRISTIAN Churches!  Fool!

      FACT #2
      This is the evidence of your stupidity.  What does “Christianity” have to do with your total lack of Biblical understanding?  Nothing!  I mean, even your NAME is bogus!  LOL  There is no “ah” sound IN Jesus’ Hebrew name!  Fools are so deep in your stupidity, you can’t even say ‘Ok cook, I didn’t know that.  I’ll change it later”.  No.  All you do is babble something STUPID and stay stuck in your public display of stupidity!

      FACT #3
      I utterly refuted you on Daniels “pure wool” and what John wrote in Revelation and you defended your silly belief with this being “Christian”?  LOL  This is about YOUR bad reading and worst comprehension.  People like you and your cult believe Solomon was black but the speaker calls themselves COMELY, and says they are kissing a MAN on HIS mouth!  And says that the speaker is going into a KINGS bedroom.  Now, I know you Hebrew Israelites cats are gay, always wanting to be around MEN, but you better leave Solomon out of yru battyism.  Solomon was NOT gay!  That person speaking was a FEMALE!  She even asks Solomon a question, and when Solomon finally answers, he calls that speaker the “FAIREST AMONG WOMEN!”  Simpleton.  You people are dumb and uneducated and Biblically illiterate.  You mess up EVERY Scripture you read cause you Cretians only read ONE Scripture while ignoring the rest of the Book!  That is why I can make you look so utterly ridiculous concerning Jesus.  That is why you look stupid even now.  Fool.  Coming in to CHRISTIAN channels and then saying you don’t want to hear what CHRITIANS have to say about CHRISTIAN writings?  Fool.  Told you already, you better stay in your ghettos with your unlearned, false Christians on your street corners.  Coming in here, you’ll only make any utter fool of yourself.

      FACT #4
      Concernign Revelation 14v12.  There are TWO Covenants, simpleton.  The Old is of the LAW.  The New is of Grace through the Messiah.  That is why you see COMMANDS of God {{{and}}} Faith in Jesus.  Fool.  The Jews were not of “faith in Jesus” becaue Jesus wasn’t even born yet!  And the Church is not of the “Law” … as I’m amply disproven you in my previous post!  This is about the suffering of JEWS and CHRISTIANS!  TWO Covenants!  JEWS are the most persecuted culture.  CHRITIANS are the most persecuted religion.  smh

      FACT #5
      And HIS Commandments are what, fool?  The Law of Moses?  Yeah … in your dreams.  Jesus said to us (not ‘you’, but US in Christendom), “if you love Me, keep MY Commandments”.  He didn’t say “keep the LAW OF MOSES” … you blind fool.  And furthermore, if Jesus was pushing the Law of Moses

      He would have had that adultress stoned, because the Law DEMANDS AND COMMANDS her death!

      He would have said an eye for eye, tooth for tooth and life for  life … instead of “do no evil to any man – turn the cheek”

      He would NOT have told that man to “arise, TAKE UP THY MAT, and walk” on the Sabbath because the Law DEMANDS AND COMMANDS that all who carry a load on the Sabbathy MUST be put to death.  It was God Himself who gave that order to Moses!  Fool. 

      Jesus even DEFENDED David, the Priest, and His Disciples for doing what He Himself called “unlawful” on the Sabbath.  If He were pushingthe Law of Moses, He would have never done that!

      If Jesus was pushing the Law, He would not have discouraged divorce, because the Law allows a man to divirce his wife!

      HOW STUPID YOU ARE IN EVERYTHIG YOU POST!  O GODLIESS DISTORTOR!  DARK CLOUD WITH NO RAIN IS WHAT YOU ARE!  You not only block the rays of light, but you don’t even offer any rain for nourishment!  Just as Jude said, you are a dark cloud with out rain!  Filthy dreamer and brute beast is what he called people like you.  Anathema maranatha indeed! 

      No.  the COMMAND of Jesus are things like:

      -do this in remembrance of Me (Communion, Lord’s Supper)

      -remember Lot’s wife

      -remain in Me

      -go and teach…

      -feed MY sheep

      -love one another so that the world will know that you are My Diciples


      -go and sin no more!

      etc, etc, etc.

      THOSE are some of the COMMANDS of Jesus.  Jesus told us, His TRUE Followers, which is why we are called “CHRITIANS” (followers of Christ), to keep HIS Commands.  He never, ever, EVER said to “keep the Law of Moses’

      That is what you NEW AGE CULTS and your dumb delusions have invented for yourselves.  Gentile fools. 


      You understand NOTHING.

    • Black Hebrew Israelites are not Christians. They are some of the most hateful, foul mouthing, unregenerate, racist people. They really have no biblical understanding of the old or new covenant, and lack the knowledge of regeneration.

  2. It does say the 2 witness are lampstands but that is symbolic because it clearly says in  Rev 11 that they are men and have bodies and will testify for 3 and half years and THEN DIE and their BODIES will be laying in the streets of Jerusalem .How is this missed? Love you guys but you guys always seem to miss or overlook some very specific details.

    • The key is knowing what numbers mean in prophecy, they mean something in plain language and they change in prophecy. The Text say they prophesied for 1,260 days, which means One Thousand two hundred and sixty years. Which if you research history the bible was hidden in sackcloth Dark Ages from AD 538 to 1798, when the law and the prophets, the Bible, was obscured. you were killed if you were found with a bible, research the Dark Ages.. As I said you have to compare history with the written text. The bible is designed for research, not just opening it up and reading it, you actually have to study out certain passages to get the meaning and when it comes to prophecy most of it you compare with history. or what is happening currently. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. Well the lamp is a symbol for the Word of God. Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path, Psalms, and Olive oil – we need the holy spirit to understand the word of God. God compares the bible to Moses and Elijah, you remember what the punishment that were done with Moses and Elijah the fire keeping the soldiers back and Elijah preventing it from raining for 3.5 years. There’s that famous number again. But not that they will come down and minister again. No that will not happen. WE have the bible and the words of the Prophets.

    • No I am not Pentecostal. I am sure many will disagree that is fine. I ask Questions. I don’t settle. I dig. Matt 7
      13 “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. 14 For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

    • Berkana Elijah wasn’t taken into Heaven, no man has went to Heaven.

      Elijah was taken INTO the heavens by a storm and was recorded still alive and isolated on a desolate and uninhabited area, possibly paradise. He didn’t go into Heaven.

    • Barthaneous
      Like their comment that the number 7 ‘was important to John’ was (important), or meaningful to anyone in the culture. Hebrew letters all have a corresponding number & meaning, yet they off-handedly dismiss it as John’s preference.

  3. Why do you doubt the authorship of John the apostle? It’s clearly the same author as the Gospel of John and the three epistles bearing his name.

    • it is not about doubt or not, the point in this presentation is just saying the ‘acceptable’ theories interpretation of the book. ( it may be John the apostle or not, as he said the point is not discussing who’s John was it ? ) he did not mention clearly who is the beast ,the three six… He just say for eg Rome but in fact Rome is the pope he lets us to guess.this is because he tries at the maximum to avoid conflict between us

    • שֵׁת בֵּן־אָדָם The main reason is because the Greek is entirely different. The Greek in the Gospel of John is very easy to read but Revelation is extremely complicated and doesn’t look like something John of the gospel could have wrote

    • John the Apostle was not the author.

      The Gospel and Epistles of John the Evangelist are written in extremely simple Greek and from a perspective which largely rejects his Jewish roots. There are common themes which connect them all in a concrete way: ‘children of God,’ ‘light of the world,’ ‘beloved,’ etc. NONE of them have an author listed.

      Revelation is written as if it were first spoken in Hebrew then written down in complex, poor Greek, and from a tradition which fully embraces their Jewish roots. None of the themes which connect the other four are present, except the use of 7s. Revelation does have an author listed.

      You can also read up on the church father’s debates about the canon. John the Evangelist was such an influential figure in the early church that his Epistles circulated and were included without any question. John of Patmos was not influential and Revelation was originally left out. It wasn’t until it had been officially rejected (by the time of the Council of Nicaea) that communities which valued it (in Turkey) pushed to have it added.

      tl;dr… you are completely wrong. It is not clearly the same author. In fact, all clues both within the text and within the historical record suggest they are not the same author.

    • Very simply, the most reliable sources date the writing of Revelation to ~90AD. If the apostle John was around 20years old when Jesus was teaching ~30AD. He’d be exceptionally long lived to have written the letter

    • Anchal Samuel well it’s says in the very first sentence that the revelation had been signified. Signified is contrary to literal.

    • “Signified” means “shown”. Strong’s G4591. The same word is used in John 12:33. Jesus had just told them that He would be lifted up, signifying that He would be crucified. I don’t think it’s a word meaning the opposite of literal.

    • Natalie Young using signified as shown in that context wouldn’t make sense also the word “shew” (meaning to show) was already use in the same sentence. Also he was writing 7 churches about things that must shortly come to pass, hence the words ” “God gave unto him, to shew unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass”.

  4. This first chapter of Revelation explains what this book is all about. It explains the purpose of the book, how it was revealed and the special blessing on those who read it. It outlines the five areas of history that it foretells and presents the keynote of the book, where it was written,
    the significance of the term, Alpha & Omega, and why Jesus is called the First & the Last.
    Revelation chapter 2 foretells the history of the first three of the 7 churches of Revelation. This topic spans the first three periods of Christianity. It presents a gripping account of the Apostolic period and hen it deals
    with the period of martyrdom under the Roman Caesars. The third period it reveals as the era of great danger to the church, when Christianity became popular, resulting in the great cleavage of the Church. A minority remained faithful but the majority united with the state and laid the foundation for the development of the Papal apostasy.
    The fourth chapter deals with the church period called Thyatira. This was the true church during the Dark Ages. It consisted of numerous small groups of true believers who had fled to the wilderness, as predicted in Revelation chapter 12. This topic identifies these groups, their location and the persecution that they endured. It relates how growth of the gospel in that period, even reaching into China. It was the remarkable Church of the East  which spread throughout the East, leading millions to accept the Gospel in this period.
    This chapter deals with the Churches of the Reformation. Here is a surprising revelation of the three main churches of that period, which were the Lutheran, Anglican and Reform churches. What Christ reveals about these three churches is quite startling and should be read by all professing Christians. The causes of the declension of these churches is clearly spelt out and is salutory for all Christians today.
    In chapter 3of Revelation is a thrilling account of the Evangelical Revival under the name of Philadelphia. It covers the period of 100 years from the middle of the eighteen century to the middle of the nineteenth century. The prophecy predicts and history records how the Christian faith experienced a glorious revival and how this impacted whole nations and much of our world. Christ has not a single complaint concerning the
    church of this period.
    The final church period is called Laodicea. It reveals what Christ thinks of the professing Christian church today. We are in the last days before the return of Christ. However, while the church in these latter days is so severely faulted by Christ, the remedy is supplied and a remnant of the present church will survive and will be ready for Christ’s return.
    Revelation chapter 6 begins with the vision of The 4 Horsemen of The Apocalypse. This topic answers the numerous unscriptural interpretations of this
    symbolism. It explains from Scripture that they represent four forms of spiritual warfare which the Christian church is facing. These horsemen
    depict the first four of the seven seals. They reveal how the apostasy in the church commenced, developed and finally dominated the world of the Dark and Middle Ages. It also explains why Heaven permitted such a
    long period of persecution at that time, when so many millions were martyred for their faith. The balance of Revelation chapter 6 describes the final three of the 7 seals. These deal with the revival of the true church in the glorious Protestant Reformation and the tremendous events in the Time of the End. It
    concludes with the appearance of the returning Christ in the distant heavens and the dramatic reaction of the unsaved. The seventh seal is couched in a single sentence, but what fascinating events it encompasses. Having read it for yourself, you will never regret it. Revelation 7 concerns the end-time people of God and how they are to be prepared for the coming storm as the last days come to their end. This preparation involves receiving what is called, The seal of God. This is a different seal from The Seven Seals. This chapter explains what this seal involves. It also introduces the 144,000. The identity of this group is discussed in detail in this chapter and some erroneous beliefs concerning the 144,000 are answered.

    • Revelation
      chapter 8 introduces the prophecy of The Seven Trumpets. The first
      portion discusses some of the current interpretations and why they are
      not satisfactory. It also reveals the difference between the Seven Last
      Plagues and the Seven Trumpets, as well as the principles involved in
      sound interpretation of prophecy. It examines the Historic
      Interpretation of the first four trumpets and explains why this
      interpretation remains valid under keen scrutiny.
      chapter 9 described the rise of a religious phenomenon resulting in the
      parts of the earth being tormented by locusts for five months. This
      topic explains in detail what these locusts represent. It reveals the
      origin of the Moslem religion and whether or not it is of God. This
      remarkable prophecy is another example of the veracity of Bible
      prophecy. However it is of vital importance to allow Scripture to
      explain Scripture. If this principle is not adhered to, it causes Bible
      prophecy to be brought into disrepute. The remarkable time period of 150
      years is shown to be perfectly fulfilled in the history of the Arabian
      Revelation chapter 10 a mighty angel is standing on earth and sea and
      proclaims a most unusual message. What are the Seven Thunders? and what
      was the little book that was sweet in the prophet’s mouth but bitter in
      his stomach? What is the significance of measuring the temple in
      Revelation 11:1-2 ? The explanation of these Scriptures reveals the
      great truth of the Judgment in the Heavenly Sanctuary which commenced in
      1844 AD.

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