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The Book of Matthew explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of Matthew.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


31 thoughts on “Read Scripture Series: Matthew Ch. 14-28

  1. Thank you so much for these videos. They are truly inspiring, and captivating. And they help me convey the Bible to unbelievers simply by sending them a link.
    Question… I see that you are trying to stay away from specific church doctrines, which is very wise decision. But I keep thinking that when it’ll come to “future” prophesies you will not include views of preterism in your general description. I won’t blame you, but it’ll be a shame. In this particular video you’ve mentioned that Jesus will establish a New Kingdom, and then you said that He became a King. King without Kingdom? It would make so much more sense if you mention that He is King in that New spiritual Kingdom.
    !Events of the Old Testament times established a precedent which has been spiritually fulfilled!

    • Hey guys! Love your videos, just have one quick question. Can you expand on your claim when you say that the way for the lost to reach heaven is by baptism and following the teachings of Jesus? The significance of baptism is discipleship. I don’t want to attack your claim because I could be misunderstanding what you said, so could please explain?

      Thank you!

    • @Izack Redmon: I had to check: they don’t actually make the mistake here of talking about “reaching heaven”: that’s not really a Biblical idea. Instead they rightly talk about “joining His kingdom” by being baptised and following his teachings. We don’t “reach Heaven”. We join His kingdom, and Heaven and Earth are joined together again into a New Creation. I think baptism and following teachings are two perspectives on what it means to join that kingdom: a new start/deliverance and especially a new KING you submit to signified in baptism, and day-to-day obedience to that King by following what he taught.

    • +Salvador Gonzalez I think your grammar is a bit off. Could you express yourself better? It looks like you are making a statement but cut your sentence short of a comprehension.

  2. I’m curious where you got the idea that Jesus spoke to two different crowds – one jewish and one non-jewish? I wasn’t able to find that in the scriptures myself …

    • Absolutely agree with you. I think, guys a bit misunderstood the context. Just few verses before Jesus said:
      I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. (Mt.15:23)
      Until the case of Cornelius there was no place for gentiles in New Testament.
      Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:(Je.31:31)
      But rest of video is a masterpiece. Really!

  3. Hallelujah! What the devil meant for evil, God meant for GOOD!
    When it seemed that evil was winning, GOOD overcame and defeated the enemy!

  4. Actually, when Peter says “You’re the the Messiah”, he wasn’t actually thinking about military victory at the moment. Jesus said that Peter got revelated by God in order to claim so.

  5. Thanks so much for this video! Super awesome and even the end when you emphasized baptism and following his teachings! Yes we’re under grace but baptism is so clear in the scriptures what it represents!!

    Deuteronomy 13-12 ’’If you hear it said about one of the towns the Lord your God is giving you to live in 13that troublemakers have arisen among you and have led the people of their town astray, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods you have not known), 14then you must inquire, probe and investigate it thoroughly. And if it is true and it has been proved that this detestable thing has been done among you, 15you must certainly put to the sword all who live in that town. You must destroy it completely,a both its people and its livestock. 16You are to gather all the plunder of the town into the middle of the public square and completely burn the town and all its plunder as a whole burnt offering to the Lord your God. That town is to remain a ruin forever, never to be rebuilt, 17and none of the condemned thingsb are to be found in your hands. Then the Lord will turn from his fierce anger, will show you mercy, and will have compassion on you.”

  7. BELIEVE on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved. Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the baptism that saves, not dunking in water, which is an outward show to man, but God knows the heart. There are a lot of baptized people who follow the teachings of Jesus who have never truly humbled themselves to God and have not been born again.

  8. Thanks a lot for your work! I’ve understood a lot of important details from your videos. I don’t know why I was not able to see them, but now they are obvious and evident. God bless you, brothers and sisters in Christ!

  9. Mark 16:20 The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre. At the end of Shabbat that would be Sundown on Saturday….

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