31 thoughts on “Read Scripture Series: Psalms

  1. May the floodgates of heaven be always open to these two great men behind these awesome and very helpful videos as they were tasked I believe by the LORD to help the world learned about the LORD, His Word, and the Gospel. Keep it up gentlemen! GOD bless you more and more! To GOD be all the glory alone!

  2. My teacher made us memorize this ENTIRE outline for bible class. Don’t get me wrong It is a great outline but if you could please block Tim golet on YouTube so we won’t have to memorize more outlines this in the future that would be awesome

    • kaylee abele I am also in that class and he is now making us memorize Proverbs and its a rely great video but it’s a pain in the butt memorize you know

  3. I really do enjoy your videos. You encourage me to read certain books in the bible that i in the past perceived boring. I love this channel so so much. Be blessed.

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