The Book of Ruth explained with animation
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This video summarizes the design and message of the book of Ruth.

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About the author:

Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary.


24 thoughts on “Read Scripture Series: Ruth

  1. This isn’t just a mushy love story. It’s about faithfulness โ€” the same faithfulness Christ gives the church. Jesus redeemed us as Boaz redeemed Ruth’s lost family-line. He redeemed her happiness, her inheritance, her favor, her prosperity and over all wellbeing. She gives birth to a son who is in he line of David and well Jesus Christ the Lord. Similarly, Jesus redeems is from sin along with that comes joy, peace, laughter, happiness, grace, prosperity, love and abundant life and more.

  2. This story is beautiful. I just have two questions I’m concerned with. 1. Did Ruth ever grow to love Boaz? 2. What is your opinion if the story was reversed based on religion (basically what if Ruth was an Israelite and the family were pagan)?

  3. These videos are my go to for starting a new book in the bible because they explain the bible in a way that makes sense. Also, the way you are able to show and explain the bible is amazing and beautiful.

  4. Hello, there’s a slight mistake at 2:05.
    Ruth 3:11 mentions Ruth as a woman of noble character, not Boaz.
    However, in Ruth 2:1 Boaz is called a ‘man of standing’

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