The Book of Ruth explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of Ruth.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


32 thoughts on “Read Scripture Series: Ruth

  1. OMG this is amazing, it goes to show that “nothing” that happens in life is ever random or a mere coincidence. Praise the Lord!

  2. How about mentioning the awesome typology of the book of Ruth?
    Ruth is the gentile bride (representative of the Church), Naomi represents Israel, and Boaz as the kinsman redeemer represents the Messiah, full of grace…
    The role of the kinsman redeemer (Messiah) was, by grace and union, to restore the dead to (eternal) inheritance — herein, namely Elimelech (Naomi’s husband), and Mahlon (Ruth’s dead husband, whose name, by no coincidence, means ‘sickly’, such as we are in the flesh before redemption). This restoration of inheritance is because the firstborn of Ruth and Boaz was to inherit and restore the name of Mahlon within Israel (that is what the Levirate law is about)… Boaz takes on the legal curse of marrying a gentile bride (Deut 23:3), as the Messiah took on our curse of sin… but this generational curse on Boaz was wiped clean for the future, as his offspring (Obed) would be the levirate heir of Ruth’s first husband, not Boaz, thus he would not carry the curse to the 3 generations to David.
    Also, the nearer kinsman who wouldn’t marry Ruth represents the law that could not/ would not provide for anyone’s redemption and (eternal) inheritance…
    As in the book of Ruth, Israel is related to the Messiah, but it is the gentile bride who meets Him first and introduces Him to Israel who is yet to be redeemed — when they call upon His name (Lev 26:40-42; 2 Chr 7:13-14; Jer 29:12-14; Jer 50:4-5,20; Hosea 5:15-6:3; Matt 23:37-39; and also referencing the purpose and outcome of the time of Jacob’s trouble).
    And there is probably more besides!
    Halleluyah. God is awesome, and so poetic!

    • Bob, that would be awesome… but I tend to live far away from everyone!! I’m not theologically trained, I’m just keen and love God and revere Him and His Word and His faithfulness… If only I was familiar with Biblical Hebrew and Greek, that would be cool.
      There are many teachers whose work is available in online videos who know lots about such things… These are the ones who know that nothing in the OT is arbitrary or ‘just’ a nice story. They know that every page of the Old Testament is a testament pointing forward to the yet future Messiah! I have just been learning from them!
      I encourage you greatly in your learning… it is sooo rewarding!

    • +JH I don’t know if you’re dismissing me or just humbly stepping aside. Anyway, I’m not going to turn into the HULK just yet. But biblically speaking, it’s okay for children of God to share their learning with each other, like through email and things like that. There’s some nuggets of information I could share as well from my journey with Christ.

      But you don’t have to.

  3. So, if everything about this is just God’s will, why did God kill Naomi’s family in the first place just to have her non-Israelite daughter-in-law have a baby whose line would lead to the King of Israel. Doesn’t that mean the Jesus is descended from someone who was not actually Jewish?

    • +jasmine Packard But Aspen Scott just told me that Jesus was not descended of man since he was placed in Mary’s womb? So, is he descended from humans or not?

    • I chose not to answer any more of your questions because I realized that you wanted a debate/argument . You’re not looking to learn, but to pull apart. I also realized that I could have answered your questions very easily. Furthermore, any answer I gave, would not change how you feel because you do not really care. You came here with set motives. This is a game for you. I see that now. If you truly would like to learn more about God, I would hope that you would pray and ask him to manifest himself to you, or read the Bible for yourself. My answers cannot create a relationship with Jesus you never wanted. However, if you open your heart for one second and truly ask him to show you something that will change your doubt, or lead someone into your life to help guide you to him…. Then that would be amazing. If not, you really have nothing to lose, do you? (rhetorical question)
      Life is about choices we make Eden Blair. I hope you make good ones.
      God Bless.

    • +Aspen Scott You’re right I’m not Christian and I’m looking to “pull apart” Christian theology to make sure that I throughly understand it. I’m critically analyzing your faith. But just because I am not Christian right now does not mean my mind could not change. I was looking for a rational answer to the question of Jesus’ lineage. Apparently you cannot not provide me with one, which is what I expected. So, I guess the only option I have is to believe even though it does not make material sense. I have prayed for a relationship with Jesus but never received anything that couldn’t be explained from a secular perspective. I’ll continue to try, though with an open, yet critical mind.

    • +Eden Blair actually, you might already know this but I’m still saying it, Matthew 1:1–17
      has the complete lineage from Adam to Jesus. Jesus was from the House of David by the right of Joseph. Even though Jesus is not Joseph’s physical son, in Jewish tradition he is still from the house of David because his earthly father is Joseph. If the Messiah was born, he couldn’t be born like other men or else he would still be born in sin. His birth had to be perfect, and his life had to be perfect.

    • My response was based on a spiritual standpoint. The questions you asked have two sides to them. Spiritual (Faith) and Scriptural (Logic and or fact). The others on the line have answered in a more logical appeal that fits your question (I see that I should have placed more evidence in my answer to be of better help. I will seek to do that for the future.). Nevertheless, all of our answers do not discount the other. If you put them all together, you will see a line of the agreement. Again, I hope that you will develop in a deeper/personal relationship with the Lord and that he shows himself to you.

      God Bless.

  4. At the time of watching this, we are counting the omer, watching this with my small children & grandchildren. Thank you for another remarkable video.

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