The book of Zechariah explained with illustrations
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This video explores the main ideas and flow of thought of the book Zechariah.

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Tim Mackie is a Pastor of Door of Hope church and a Professor at Western Seminary –


21 thoughts on “Read Scripture: Zechariah

  1. First of all this was a wonderful summation of the book of Zechariah. However, I question how many times must Israel be destroyed to come to its senses. I think 70 AD was the last time. Israel never meet the “IF”‘s in the book for God to bring about their Salvation. Even the most conservative Jews today do not believe in the present nation of Israel because it was formed my the politics of mere men … and not the Will of the Living God! No Jew to day can prove his lineage and the Jews have not worshiped in a Temple for 2,000 years. That makes everyone today a gentile! So, all must be saved accepting Jesus as the son of God. All Jews today are antiChrists because they do not accept Jesus as the son of God. The Bible clearly says that True Believers must not accept antiChrists! Therefore, there is only one way to be saved today … one must accept Christ …. which means Zechariah holds no promises to the Jews! They have made their own bed and therefore must sleep in it. Respectfully submitted as my Scriptural understanding; a watchman of His Word.

  2. You guys rock. Nice work. The only clarification i would like is with regards to the implied eschatological conclusion that the reign of the king comes only when the people are faithful enough to the covenant to warrant/earn His return.

  3. Thank you so much for these productions to help firmly embed the big picture of each book in memory. Audio and visual work together to hold information in memory better!

  4. this is my 1st comment since watching this movement. yo this is truly dope. I love reading and wanted to read the bible from beginning to end. I truly didn’t know what to expect but wow this is great. You guys are truly a blessing to those that need to know this ancient history. Keep it up.

  5. Do you have any references as to what happen between the old and New Testament?…I have a lot of info on google but they are so confusing and boring to say the least…love how you all put in so much time and thought and bring meaning to all the books and make it fun reading Gods word…what a blessing this is

    • Sorry to see you think that, keep in mind they only aim to walk through the narrative of the bible, not replace it. There’s so much more we can learn from God’s word but this is a great way to help people get their head around the stories and see the main ideas throughout each book.

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