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Former Yoga teacher Mike Shreve talks about why as a Christian he no longer believes in reincarnation. Mike's website is


14 thoughts on “Reincarnation vs. Resurrection

  1. This is a much needed information to pass around. Especially to followers of Jesus who have delved into the new age as I once did until the Holy Spirit brought me back the my foundation..The truth in the Bible.

  2. I’d say Jesus intentionally planned his own sacrifice so that he can leave the body & reach out all in Spirit. Thus, the Father-son-holly ghost (spirit) at our rescue.

  3. Buddhism is unjust like an oligarchy that is being ruled by the dumb. Thanks to Pol Pot and his protest against smart people, he  hates smart educated people because they were a threat to him. In fact, smart people are racist to dumb people because they don’t mix. It’s like saying good people and bad people don’t mix. Martin Luther King did say that it is wrong to judge by the color of your skin; however, he didn’t say that we cannot be racist about personality and fair judgment. So can good people be racist to murderers, rapists, thieves, and other sinners? YES! Because it’s fair judgment. That is why haters gonna hate (The dumb) and the good people (The racist) will always going to persecute the evil doers.

    Buddhism has no grounds of judgment except for pleasures of the earth. They love their works more than their creator. It’s like saying, “I love my mom and dad but never show up to their funeral.” Oh really? That tells me you only love your parents by using them for your own reputation. Your just there to gain some faces before ditching their funeral.


  4. He wants to sell his book for money……he doesn’t know the truth.
    He doesn’t keep Torah….and doesn’t know Yahshua. He has hair like a woman.

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