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In a final message specifically for this day and time, Michael Rood and Bill Cloud reveal the uncomfortable truth that awaits believers who are willing to be fearless in Messiah, to stand their ground and shine an unwavering light to the world.

Watch this enlightening, empowering message for important instructions on how to endure despite encompassing chaos.

PLUS… Don't miss Michael’s interview with Sal Baldovinos, a web developer with a passion to share the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith online!

*Restoring the Hebrew Roots of the Christian faith!*

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7 thoughts on “Restoration of All Things (with Michael Rood & Bill Cloud) – Shabbat Night Live – 12/16/16

  1. Shalom
    Could someone explain further, something I heard on one of the many other videos I’ve seen, (I just found Michael about a week ago and I’ve already spent more than 16 literal hours watching… well there were rest breaks so maybe not literal.

    Michael said Jesus was in the ground (if I’m not mistaken) three days and three nights as Jesus actually said when He referred to the sign that would be given and spoke of Jonah.

    I was glad to hear this because the 36 hour version (more or less) always bothered me.
    But when I started thinking about why the soldiers broke the legs of the other two men who were on the crosses with Jesus, I suddenly began to wonder how the dates, days and Jewish feasts line up with what Michael said.

    On what day of the week was Jesus crucified?
    On what day of the week did He die?
    On what day of the week did Mary go to the tomb and find Him gone (risen)?
    How do these days and, more importantly, dates, line up with the prophetic feasts?

    Could someone please explain these things for me?

  2. Who we “know” determines “what wisdom & understanding” of His Word we have. So while many claim to “know” Him, the fact that they lack His wisdom & understanding is proof of what He said, “the majority of those who say they represent Me, will lead the majority astray”. Shalom

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