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Rethinking Unconditional Love

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23 thoughts on “Rethinking Unconditional Love

  1. i read somewhere if we had faith the size of a mustard seed we could thee the mountain to move and it would move immediatly … if thats true then we are unbelievers no matter which religion we can only honestly say at best “”we are all strugling souls nothing more at present god help us all

  2. Paul ,I have loved unconditionally but I’ve always been taken advantage of. Been married 4 times. None worked out. My fault for not using wisdom before getting married. Using my loneliness(emotion) for not being alone. Since Yahweh drew me to torah searching the scriptures he showed me more about the marriage i was in. What i discovered was i was in an adulterous relationship. I had to repent of the adultry. Going thru the divorce as i write this. I know by Yahs word i am not to be married again. Please Paul search the scriptures and pray before you get in another relationship. Shalom my brother.

  3. Earthly love has condition cosmic love just is like a mothers love for a child. They dont look for anything in return which is unconditional

  4. Yeshua said, “Love other’s as I have loved you.” What a coincidence, I just read this last night before bed. I also read Romans 13:8-14 and Romans 12 9-21, and John 1, 3:11-18. I too look at it differently now than I did just a month ago. However one must also be careful when living by the Golden Rule these days because you can end up in a very dangerous situation. See Timothy 3. You must use discernment. As far as marriage goes, it takes two. So no one person is at fault, unless abuse is occurring. It takes a courageous person to share their story as you did. No one should feel badly about not getting it. Yeshua after 3 years of teaching his talmidim were not getting it. So the night before His death, He wrapped a towel around His waist amd proceeded to wash their feet. He was living the example in order to teach them. So I don’t think anyone should feel bad, YHVH has patience with us. Thank you for sharing this, it’s very helpful to hear it feom another person. I think Yeshua delights when we finally start to understand. It has and is taking me a long time to get things that were right before my eyes for a long time.

  5. I like to see the work and word in action. To see you putting effort into action Biblical principles is a great example for me that I was not getting to see while I attended Bible study and church services. I ended up going to ‘A.A.’ and found some other believers and how they approach life and apply Biblical principles which has helped me quite a bit. Thank you for showing me an example of how a person that does not solve problems with a substance, but with scripture, and that while the precepts of Yah are simple, they really are not easy in actual practice….I might add: especially in today’s world, so to speak.

    Take care brother!

  6. Our expectations have to be in our Creator. Humans will ALWAYS disappoint and fall short. I am so so happy for you – your countenance is so relaxed and peaceful it’s like you dropped 20 years.

  7. Thank you Paul for being humble enough to teach this and to show your struggle to the rest of us!! Your videos on relationships have had an underlying tone that was very difficult for me to fully embrace… But I think now they will be different and have more of a correct and uplifting tone❤ I’m looking forward to seeing your future messages about relationships!! Thank you for the great example of turning to Yah and the scriptures!! You are real strength to me in that!! Shalom❤

  8. Shabbat Shalom and Praise Yahweh! What a humbling experience. I’ve been praying for you Paul because I often saw a hurting man in front of the screen. Yahweh opened your eyes to an area in faith where you were weak in understanding. This is just the beginning for you; your eyes have been opened and an outward transformation will come. I will continue praying for you brother.

    This woman that you were involved with after your marriage ended, she sounded like an intelligent and incredibly loving person. I’m sorry it didn’t work out. I’ll pray for the both of you.

  9. Perhaps an intellectual life is a way that we cut off the path of the heart and unconditional love. We sometimes “live in our heads” as a form of self-protection.
    Also, “living from the heart” is not what we are taught, as you have said.
    And thank you for your message.

  10. Paul we are hand n hand with similarities in ways of knowledge. I can relate to you with a testimony of our own. This is our opportunity to give testimony in a relationship that was stripped away yet restored. The only thing both of us come to realize to hold onto was not man Ministries Traditions therapies or anything of that nature. It was the voice of yacht his voice only and now we are restored completely and feel the true agape loves the unconditional love some are given and don’t know how to manage some don’t have and need to learn some lose and needs to learn again. I have much to give on this and ears to hear to increase my own knowledge also shabbat shalom from Ya’aqov and Dahlia Nichols.

  11. Thank you for sharing such a personal video, many blessings to you Brother Paul and Thank you for the abundance of wisdom you have given to everyone who is willing to receive it. I am happy to see you have been brought to a new level of growth, I am looking forward to seeing what more we can learn from you.

  12. January 3rd “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed , you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move.

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