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The occult can be alluring, but VERY dangerous. Join us as we discuss demons, Halloween and the occult with On That Day Ministries', Cole Davis.

And later, Nehemia Gordon and Michael Rood continue their engaging conversation regarding the REAL name of God in part 6 of The Karaite Files. Watch as Nehemia references multiple manuscripts which prove the TRUE name of God.

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14 thoughts on “Revealed! The Name of God (with Michael Rood & Nehemia Gordon) – Shabbat Night Live – 10/21/16

  1. I’ll have to watch this a few times more on the ‘Name’. So interesting and I’m so blessed to have listened. Thank you Nehemia and Michael for sharing.

  2. Great research Nehemiah. I do have a genuine question that you might be able to help me with. Granted that the prohibitions on the use of God came a bit later, I notice that the LXX consistently translated the name as “kurios”. As far as we know, this predates the Roman prohibition so shouldn’t there be some precedent to the substitution of the name with “Lord”?

  3. I can only say thank you. I’m speechless and have been blessed by watching you two. I look forward to becoming a future supporter. Thank you. Thank you.

  4. Hi Michael, concerning the trail of the adulterous woman, that is good logic, if the event actually happened, but we must also consider the possibility that the event may have never happened. For there are hundreds of the oldest Greek manuscripts that do not contain this story of the adulterous woman, which was actually added hundreds of years later to newer manuscripts according to those scholars who do autograph studies on redaction criticism. This may well have been added as a ploy by the RCC to begin to plant the early seeds of Replacement Theology, for there are over 7,000 Greek manuscripts, as you know, that do not match up but are filled with additions to the newer manuscripts. May Yah bless you my friend, Bill Sanford

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