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Yom Teruah is an URGENT PROPHECY CONFERENCE that will address the recent developments in our world that have caused rapid acceleration in Biblical prophecy. Yom Teruah 2016 features:

• Michael Rood, “The Biblical Chronologist”
• Bill Cloud, Shoreshim Ministries
• PLUS… a former Islamic terrorist

During this amazing conference, you will:
• Learn why upcoming events may be a major trigger in prophetic chronology
• Understand the signs and sequence of Yeshua’s return
• Hear new revelation about what’s coming next in the state of the world
• Equip your spirit to prepare for the days ahead
• Empower your faith to bear fruit in the face of adversity

Act now for more information and details:


12 thoughts on “Revelation Prophecy Conference | Yom Teruah 2016 with Michael Rood and Bill Cloud

  1. I would love to be there if YHWH opens a door for me. I find it very interesting that you are calling a 1 year countdown to Yom Teruah 2017. I have found that the Revelation 12 sign occurs in the heavens during that time. The exact fulfillment of the sign according to my astronomical calculator shows the full sign on 9/23/17. It has been my position that this period begins the tribulation cycle and it would seem that the language and imagery you use in this video imply a similar view.


    • I don’t know when the Jubilee or Sabbatical year is because no one has actually kept it for thousands of years. Also, what year is it? The Sabbath year starts from creation. If it is 6016 according to Rood, then the next Sabbatical year is 6020. That is Fall of 2020. Jubilee is 6028 Fall of 2028. Israel being a nation in a day in my opinion is Isaiah 66 which there is not peace. Not sure about this so called Jubilee year coming up. I wish I knew. I am not sure if it is even 6016 because I thought the Sabbath millineum is year 6001.

    • We agree with PM. Jubilee years are difficult to determine because they were not kept for many years. We have some suggested dates but nothing definite.

    • Thanks for being honest. I sure wish we knew. One day we will know. Keep up the ministry. I enjoy the teachings. Too much of Christianity is Biblically illiterate. I got a Rood Awakening by watching you. Biblical archaeology got me interested and then I heard about Yeshua’s ministry being told like no other. Long story short, the Almighty showed me in His word that the Torah is not abolished and we are to live within His Torah through the Ruach Kodesh . I was seeking on how to live obedient. Matthew 5:17-19, 7:21-23 and 23:1-3 in the Hebrew perspective changed my view of Yeshua. No longer a Christian Jesus. A Hebrew Yeshua. Amen.

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