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It was on the Island of Patmos that Yochanan, the apostle John, spent his last days because he refused to keep his mouth shut concerning the teachings of Yeshua. He had been repeatedly beaten, tortured, and finally plunged into a caldron of boiling oil.

It was here that Yeshua came to him with one last mission – one last message to deliver – and it would take a man who had faithfully endured pain and suffering to the end. Yeshua came to him and told him to reveal Yeshua as he is now – not as a babe in a manger, not as a sheep silent before his shearers – but as the conquering, reigning judge over all the earth – the Messiah in all his power and glory and authority. Yeshua asked Yochanan to send a message to his servants to prepare them for the earth-shaking events that would usher in the end time Messianic age.

This is the revelation of Yeshua as the Messiah – and these are the things the Messiah wants his faithful servants to know about the end of the age.

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6 thoughts on “Revelation – The Chronological Gospels – Season 2 Episode 7

  1. It’s the second vowel of YeHoVaH that is missing in scripture, not the third as stated near the end of the video. This video wasn’t released until today, but still has October ads in it. Besides those two points, great work Mr. Rood!

  2. Thanks for posting these. I don’t have enough data to live stream SNL so I have to catch these videos in the middle of the night when I have free data. I have a chronological gospel & coupled with these videos is helping me a lot. Thank you. I buy the few products I can afford.

  3. You can tell how long ago this was filmed since Michael says there are only 50 manuscripts saying the name is Yehovah. There are over 300 now. Baruch haShem Yehovah!

  4. It seems only fitting Able’s blood literally made a communication from the ground, as the Word says. At least for a short time. The life is in the blood, and life can be detected by its Creator, who knows all things that can be known.

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