It was on the Island of Patmos that Yochanan, the apostle John, spent his last days because he refused to keep his mouth shut concerning the teachings of Yeshua. He had been repeatedly beaten, tortured, and finally plunged into a caldron of boiling oil.

It was here that Yeshua came to him with one last mission – one last message to deliver – and it would take a man who had faithfully endured pain and suffering to the end. Yeshua came to him and told him to reveal Yeshua as he is now – not as a babe in a manger, not as a sheep silent before his shearers – but as the conquering, reigning judge over all the earth – the Messiah in all his power and glory and authority. Yeshua asked Yochanan to send a message to his servants to prepare them for the earth-shaking events that would usher in the end time Messianic age.

This is the revelation of Yeshua as the Messiah – and these are the things the Messiah wants his faithful servants to know about the end of the age.

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8 thoughts on “Revelation – The Chronological Gospels – Season 2 Episode 8

  1. Man, I love Michael, and Nehemiah as well, I could hang out and listen to them for weeks, easy, and I really do appreciate these, greatly in fact, they’re very professionally done, but man.. I wish The Chronological Gospels would stick to The Chronological Gospels. Almost every episode tries to sell you on what The Name was that they think the Ba’alei ha-Masora, (who we well know were bent on hiding said Name), were trying to hide, under their nikkud. For the many of us that disagree with what the true pronunciation was before the nikkud, the constant interjection of this debate into what should just be the Besorah in proper order, gets really, REALLY wearing.
    After a while, it’s like, OK, we got it, you disagree with the rest of the scholars and have chosen to believe the Masoretes. That’s cool, we still love you, but do you have to insist on cramming it into every episode, even though this debate isn’t in every gospel??
    Every time I share it I get all this backlash..and I’m like I know, I’m with ya..but can’t you just eat and spit out the bones? But I understand, that part does get old. I don’t know why The Name debate needs to be fabricated into every gospel account.

  2. Great teachings….i’m a new subscriber and i find your teachings powerful and full of insight. You’re full of wisdom. My question is are the gentiles revealed in the coming of age the nations surrounding Israel ? thanks

  3. Thx for the simple explanation on subjects.
    When I listen to xtianity at All, it’s a self torture trying to Sift thru this USA Christianity junkyard of delusional souls.
    Good grief are the masses a pathetic clownshow.
    YouTube is reflection what a disaster it is!
    Virtually Nothing it produces, has any continuity, nor is it Align with history, the Apostles teachings or Torah foundational principles.
    If there is anything to finalize humanity, it’s the perfect “sheep like face”, yet, speaking the mouth of the Dragon echoing what was originally invoked in the garden.

  4. At 7:43 there is a message that says: understand the chronology of revelation order free teaching. I called this number and the representative was unable to find any free teaching other than Sodom & Gomorrah/The Reed Sea Crossing. I highly recommend listing the item # of these offers in the future as it will save your employees ALOT of trouble. Anyway, thank you for yet another great teaching! Bless you all!

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