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From Here to Eternity – Episode 1

The book of Revelation details the coming apocalypse and antichrist. We live on a prison planet ruled by a New World Order. But God knew what was coming and how we can prepare to overcome armageddon. In this episode, you will learn how Jesus (Yeshua) is revealed and what our plan is in this end time drama as outlined in the book of Revelation.

This teaching series is clearly the most relevant, insightful, energetic, accurate, and exhaustive exposition of the prophetic scripture in this generation. From Here To Eternity: The Gospel of The Revelation and the Demise of The New World Order.

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2 thoughts on “Revelation: The Coming Apocalypse

  1. Yes the jews did not realize that the messiah would come twice, so they didn’t get He came as suffering messiah first…..but He was still the messiah, not just a prophet. When Peter said he was messiah, he agreed. When talking to woman at well, He told her he was the messiah.

  2. +Nicki nurse Thank you for all of your support and for always interacting with our videos. We aren’t able to respond to some comments due to settings on the users account. We are happy and Blessed to have you with us though. Shalom!

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