Bible teacher Rico Cortes talks about kosher food and how to make sure you truly are eating clean food. He also talks about the new company by Jordan Rubin called beyond organic.

You can sign up for Beyond Organic under Rico's link at:

Finally we will now be able to get kosher food that is healthy. Rico's website is


20 thoughts on “Rico Cortes Explains The Wisdom of Kosher Meat

  1. I must say, not all Kosher eating is healthy or supposed to be. Locusts are kosher, for example. Kosher is kept because God says so, in obedience to him, and not because its healthy or unhealthy. The ruling principle is obedience, not health.

  2. @silviom1963 As apossed to mainstream slaughter houses who use a bolt gun to knock the cow unconscious most often a few times to get it right, then the cow waking up because it wasn’t fully knocked out only to stress about hanging upsided down and being cut at the throat with an unsharp knife! For mainstream slaughterhouses to meet their quota the knives end up becoming dull. Most of the meat in supermarkerts came from an animal that literally died piece by piece as it went through the line.

  3. We should not be debating about which method is worse, modern, inhumane slaughter methods vs. silly barbaric, Bronze Age practices. Both are equally disgusting, as is the Halal slaughtering method. Stop eating meat, and you won’t have to worry about which method is more horrific.

  4. Eating animals are NEVER healthy, doesn’t matter what book of fairy tales you happen to follow. GO VEGAN everyone for you health, for the animals, and for the Earth!

  5. i don’t care bout kosher. juss more religion here. murderers!! we have no business eating our brothers and sisters in the animal world. u people are weird..

  6. I’m not concerned whether a food is Kosher in the sense that it’s been blessed by a Rabbi but rather that the meat is from a clean animal, raised in a way that provides for the best health of the animal and therefore the consumer. Most of the clean meats that we are permitted to eat (chicken, turkey, beef, etc) are best raised on pasture with a grass-based diet. There are many farms around, including ours, that do this. Beyond Organic isn’t the only option out there.

  7. I’ve been eating organic and biblically to the best of my ability for about 5 years, but this presented some new thoughts to me. I would like to know, what are your thoughts about eating meat that has been tazered before bled. It is very hard to access this kind of meat in Australia. I tend to eat predominantly vegan, or with a little fish or butter but like to eat beef/lamb sometimes…

  8. i suppose i could start being more careful with the foods that I eat and to actually pray over my food.. being that we are kings and priests in Yahuwshua…..

  9. I love Yeshua, with all my heart but when I see people like Rico Cortes charging people for knowledge and making a business out of our blessed Yahweh, Yeshua, and our blessed Torah, it saddens me a great deal.

  10. Hi there. Thank you for the post. I would like to know what are the specific Bible verses you are referencing about slaughtering? From my research I see that killing an animal (deer, gazelle) in the field was allowed & considered clean as long as after the animal was shot (prob with bow & arrow per Genesis 27), the blood was drained out. I also see in Deut 12 & Lev 17 that provision was made for them to slaughter in their towns if they wanted to eat meat so long as the blood was drained & they didn’t eat the meat with the blood. I don’t see anything in scripture about how to specifically kill the clean animal or what tools to use. If a cow is killed in a certified humane facility by a shot to the head and then shortly after the blood is drained, isn’t that meeting Biblical requirements for clean eating? Your example about a cow getting hit by a car would render it un kosher — is that a reference to Lev 11:39-40? It seems to me when I read that verse that would imply if the animal dies of itself (meaning without a human or other thing killing it) than there was something wrong with that animal (sickness or natural death) and it shouldn’t be eaten but if you do you are unclean until evening. I’d really like to know your thoughts & appreciate any insight. Shalom.

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