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Go behind the scenes at A Rood Awakening! International with host Tedd Clayton (COO) and members of the Rood Crew!

What is this month's new love gift?
What's new in Rood digital media?
What's coming up on Shabbat Night Live?
Who is the voice of the Spanish ministry?
Plus a special message from Michael Rood.


2 thoughts on “Rood Crew Radio – June 2018

  1. Thank you, Mr. Rood and ARA family. We’re growing by leaps and bounds. May YaHoVaH continue to bless you, and this ministry, mightily. Shalom đź––

  2. Alvaro’s support has been a blessing for the Spanish community. To be honest, the previous Spanish voice was pretty hard to understand. Thanks God and the team for this great improvement!

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