Isaiah 30:18
We live in a culture today that is experientially based. When circumstances change and people face different emotional experiences, they often do not have a “Root” to hang on to – the truth of God. We need to be rooted in His Word so that we can walk in the light of God. Reach out to God today with confidence, knowing that He loves you! He is a compassionate and gracious God.


9 thoughts on “Rooted in Him

    • Chris Musix , Basically you’re say to God/Jesus that your sinful life is more important than following his word. truly sad you think that way. the Bible says we must live a holy life that excludes sins & a mortal lifestyle. So, I hope this helps you refrain from the statement you made! It saddens God/Jesus when sin is in control of your lives. So, repent of your sins developed a relationship with God/Jesus and sin less until we’re at the point of sinning no more. Growing in God/Jesus is a never ending journey. Choose external life or death? May GOD/JESUS bless you and direct your paths. #Glory&HonorToGodInTheNameOfJesusChrist&TheHolySpirit

  1. Thank you Rabbi!
    This is support I myself needed today. Although I Didn’t FEEL His presence, I acknowledged His presence and His Love for me.
    His root . His love for us is always there, not based on feelings, but on HIS promises. His life within us!  Amen

    • Peace to you and yours as well. Love your last name, Of Angel! I fast for Sabbaths and high holy Holidays because of the teachings of Rabbi! Love Rabbi for teaching me so much about the culture of Yeshua. You are blessed because you are chosen. Shabbat Shalom.

  2. When I was growing up, we NEVER heard on the news that people were “freaking out” over ELECTION results!  I think this is because MOST of us GREW UP as CHRISTIANS!The problem TODAY with all of these Leftists STILL “freaking out” over the fact the media ASSURED them Hillary would WIN the election is when Hillary LOST the election, MOST of these folks COULDN’T HANDLE their DISAPPOINTMENT and they STILL CAN’T!    This is because MOST of these people are ATHEISTS or AGNOSTICS who have absolutely NO RELATIONSHIP with GOD and NO RELATIONSHIP with JESUS CHRIST!  Consequently they EMOTIONALLY can NOT ACCEPT the fact Hillary LOST!  The ONE and only CURE for their EMOTIONAL “trauma” is PRAYER and JESUS, our MESSIAH!

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