6 thoughts on “Sacrifice for Others

  1. I’m very selfish and a narcissistic person so when I do sacrifice for others it’s very difficult to be happy I want to do what I want alll the time it’s almost tortures me ( emotionally) to do for others but I do it cause my mother forces me too.

    • rachel183321 the fact that you recognize your fleshy character traits shows that your true heart that Jesus gave you is not a selfish narcissistic heart, we’re all selfish by nature but a true narcissist doesn’t think they have a narcissistic personality. we all fall short, there’s other reasons for your unhappiness upon doing for others. keep working at it and let Jesus work on your heart, Joy is what brings happiness dear one. Change is a work in process, that the reality of life 😉
      1 John 1: 9  If we say openly that we have done wrong( selfish motives), he is upright and true to his word, giving us forgiveness of sins and making us clean from all evil, (freshly character traits).

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