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  1. funny you point that out about where we, the church will be during the millennium. I have watched 99% of Les’ shows, and I believe he recants that position of us being here on earth in one of his much later shows.
    ive learned alot about God’s word through this man’s teaching and if you watch every episode from the first episode to the final show you will see even Les continues learning from our Lord and Saviour through Bible.
    Truly a blessing and always a pleasure to study the Word with this man, a brother in Christ.

  2. Les is a human being, He made a mistake, and he truly believe’s we will be in heaven with christ. But , has stated we may have jobs on earth and we will travel back and forth. But, our abode is in heaven. I have seen all his studies, and he has helped me a great deal. God Bless les.

  3. Best Bible Study. Every day since 1996 I have learned the Word through his ministry. God has truly given Les the gift of teaching. And now he is heard around the world on the internet. Praise God! Les looks so young in this program since he is maybe 88yrs. old

    • First the attention to detail in language by Les Feldick opens the door for correct understanding. Compounded with the recognition and understanding of God’s dispensational design of the Bible is the only way to begin to fully accept AND comprehend the gift of grace provided by Jesus Christ our Lord and savior. When teaching the Pauline epistles Les by far exceeds any individual I have ever seen or studied.
      There are several great teachers in these areas and others but none do the Pauline epistles justice like Les Feldick. A blessing to all who have the opportunity to study, comprehend and receive the wisdom God has gifted Les with.

    • I agree and would also note his teaching on the Abrahamic covenant which is the basic course to follow for all salvation – “I believe God”

  4. the only way you can understand GOD’s word is to read it in Hebrew! You must read all the writings, not the political manipulated version compiled at the counsel of Nicosia on Cyprus, only the political correct writings were included. In Hebrew in genesis God is referred to as plural (Gods), and is transformed in the translation to singular (God). How can you base your faith on mistranslated Bible. Go to the source, do not place your faith in the mistranslated version. The most important thing to remember the good sumerian, through your actions you will be judged, not your mealy mouth professions of faith!

    • Isn’t Hebrew the language of the Jews? The jews only believe in a monotheistic God. Host of all hosts. YHWH.

      That wasn’t too hard to “debunk”. Either way, have faith in Jesus!

  5. Hi, Scriptures and Science, i read your notice, and I thank you for it, I very much would like you to point to some preachers i like,
    Dan Mohler, Todd White, ans Graham Cooke, I hope that there is something in it for you, all I can say is it blessed me.

    • Sometime in near future when opportunity presents itself will check out those individuals you mentioned, thank you.
      Praise our Lord and savior Jesus Christ – God bless

    • When it comes to the epistles of Paul, dispensational understanding, and the grace of God, Les is far and above all other teachers(thank the Lord).

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