Join Rabbi Schneider as he walks you through every aspect of the biblical self-deliverance process, including how to: •determine which thoughts and actions are inspired by demons •speak specific commands that force demons to leave •win against persistent spirits •close demonic access gained through generational sins, fear and trauma •experience God's healing presence •and much more!

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7 thoughts on “Self Deliverance: Are Demons for Real?

  1. Rabbi Schneider is a gifted man speaking the truth in love. I’m 65 years old and can no longer attend church due to illness. I have to believe that God brought his teaching into my life at just the right season.

    • Hello Mr Robinson. With all due respect to your local church, it may be a good thing that you can no longer attend. These days it seems that most churches have fallen away from the Truth and are lukewarm, teaching lies, and preaching religious church attendance rather than inner spiritual transformation.

      In my humble and limited experience, it seems that most “churches” today are dangerous places. I think Mr Schneider and his ministry is one of the few remaining good sources of godly teaching. I have watched hundreds of his videos and learned much more from them than I did from any church sermon. I would find it difficult to find a “church” that I felt comfortable attending in my area, so most of my fellowship is online today. God bless you Mr Robinson and I wish you good health. I will say a prayer for you.

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