Today we have Bible teacher Bill Cloud talking about not mingling the clean with the unclean, or the holy from the profane. He provides examples from the Scriptures, original and renewed. If you take something clean and mix it will something dirty, it will no longer be pure. You have now made it dirty.


3 thoughts on “Separating The Sacred From The Profane

  1. Lev 11:44 Porque Yo soy YHWH su Elohim; por lo tanto, dedíquense y sean Kadoshim, porque Yo soy Kadosh; y no se profanen con ninguna especie de criaturas de enjambre que se mueve sobre la tierra.
    La primera ves que aparese en las Sagradas escrituras sean Santos como llo soy Santo es cuando nos habla de las intrucion de las comidas….. B’H

  2. Lev 11:44 ForH3588 IH589 am the LORDH3068 your God:H430 ye shall therefore sanctify yourselves,H6942 and ye shall beH1961 holy;H6918 forH3588 IH589 am holy:H6918 neitherH3808 shall ye defileH2930 (H853) yourselvesH5315 with any mannerH3605 of creeping thingH8318 that creepethH7430 uponH5921 the earth.H776
    This is the fist time that YHWH tell us to be Kadoshim[holy] because he is[Holy] Kadosh… afther He tell us about what and what not to eat …. B’H

  3. as a relative neophite to the Hebrew Roots of Yahushua, I am struck by the many teachers within this movement who “mix” names and titles of our Elohim. i.e. the use of God and Lord instead of Elohim, Adonai, Yahuah etc. Are we not supposed to also cleanse our lips and proclaim his name? This is a sincere concern and one I hope to see changed as we grow together into His Spotless Bride. Shalom

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