September 23rd is here and so are we! People have been talking about September 23rd being the end! It is now and we are still here. What does this all mean and how are we to act in regard to the false prophets? In this video I share my thoughts on September 23rd and the true call to repentance. 

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17 thoughts on “September 23rd is here and so are we!

  1. I do not know of anyone that thought it was a end date . Do not dismiss this as fiction . You know it happened just like I do . The great sign is just that a sign . If you are not watching you miss it

  2. I had no doubt we would still be here, the entire Bible agrees with it’s self and not just because a few parts agree doesn’t mean it’s a complete truth.
    Yesterday was a blessed day, but I did pretty much the same as any other day … preach, teach, counsel, study and follow others that teach God’s Word and sometimes there’s even time for talking to my adult children or grandchildren. I spend as little time as possible with things of the world, but there’s always a few things that must be done.
    I agree Paul, the older I get the closer I get to YHWH and Yeshua, the less I desire the foolishness of the world. I’m looking forward to 1000 years with Yeshua and nothing else needing to be done.

  3. I will tell you what I have done. I prayed, read the Bible and watched church sermons on my Computer all in my bed. You see I can not use my hands, arms, legs, or my feet. I have a disease that renders me bedridden and paraplegic. So no, I cannot do all the things that you are condemning and preaching to me about. You don’t know me and I hope God forgives you for the way you make me feel about myself and how useless I am. May you be blessed. Caren Minter

  4. Paul plz do a video regarding God’s feast, I don’t want celebrate Christmas but my family says as long as you honour lord Jesus it’s ok to celebrate but you right we are deceived its not Lord Jesus birthday at all. I really want to celebrate God’s feast day but need more info on dates and what we should follow

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