Ra'ah Deals With The BASTARD bishop charles dowell aka pastor charles dowell – Teaching By Ra'ah"
SHALOM to Kole YisraYah'ale scattered throughout all the world!! Greetings in The PRECIOUS Name of The ABBA YHWH in YHWHSHUA HaMessiYah!!!

"Polygyny – Concubines – Multiplying Wives – Is This A Blessing or A Curse? Can you truthfully answer this question out of The Torah, examining each of the cases from Torah, while reveal all the results of the outcome of those Polygyny – Concubines – Multiplying Wives cases, and what was produced from each case? Do you have the scholarship of Torah Knowledge to reveal this Truth to HIS Nation?


13 thoughts on “SHABBAT Celebration – Polygyny – Concubines – Multiplying Wives A Blessings Or A Curse

  1. HalleluYHWH give your novee streagth courage and hookma barook him that he may show me my sin! Raah cant go around cant go around YHWHSHUA ha mashiYHWH

  2. HalleluYah, HalleluYah a thousand times over!!! All Praises to Father “YHWH” through our Brother MessiYah “Yahoshua” for the WORD going forth!!! I wished that every so call Hebrew Israelite group / camp would listen and watch pastor Robert teaching on this subject!!! Shalom

  3. HalleluYAH. We been listening for years…..prune us Pastor….we are still listening to you Pastor.

    We need to come visit sometime. Please give all there our Shalom.

    Preach on Pastor, preach on. This is a strong message, but one the House of Yahweh needs to hear. Loved when you said, “Yahshua is coming back for a bride, not many wives, not concubunes, but a faithful, undefiled wife.”

    May Yahweh continue to strengthen you and provide for all that is needed there. Shalom, Cliff & Rose Waddy

  4. People can say what they want to say, but polygyny is a lie from the pit of hell and all that fall into the trap seek hell and not the righteousness of YAH.

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